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Spray Application – Textured / Smooth Tips

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Whilst you can definitely get great results rolling on Durabak or even brushing it on, the best way to apply it is via a spray gun.

Now although Durabak is not a bedliner sold in an aerosol can, you are able to transfer the contents of the Durabak can into various types of spray guns for a, spray in, perfect finish.

Spray on bedliner not only looks great, but it's much quicker and physically less strenuous than rolling or brushing on the bedliner paint. We also think it's more fun!

Spraying Durabak is simple, and if you follow the prep guidelines for the material it will never come off!

Spraying Textured Durabak

  • We recommend a Shutz undercoating gun or similar.
  • Use a 1/4" or up to  3/8" tip
  • Thinning is not required, but you can thin with up to 1:10 Xylene
  • Spray at 50-60 PSI
  • Have plenty of Xylene or Solvide available for clean up, tape up and paper over everything because Durabak does NOT come off easy.
    See this finish on the black truck bed below.
  • Durabak is MOISTURE CURED so in High Humiidity the work time and dry time will be substantially shorter.

There are 2 types of smooth application; thicker applications for full strength protective coating, and shiny/smooth applications for more consumer friendly projects (cars).

Spraying Smooth Durabak - Protective Coating (w/orange peel)

  • Use a heavy grade airless coatings gun
  • 21.23 thou. tip
  • thin up to 1:10 Xylene or Solvide

Spraying Smooth Durabak - Sleek Coating (smooth as possible)

  • HVLP gun (e.g. harbor freight)
  • 1.4mm nozzle
  • 50 PSI
  • up to 3:20 Xylene or Solvide
  • (For a "Matte" finish, you can 'feather' the last coat at 200PSI for that stealthy look. This is describing the finish on the dark grey Toyota T100 below)

Here's some pro tips from an experienced Durabak Smooth Applicator, Chuck Best. This is describing the work on the olive green Toyota Yaris below.

[I[ hit the bodywork areas and cut ins first , used the first quart for bodywork,cut ins and an overall tack coat , 20-25 minute wait, 2nd quart yielded 2 more overall coats plus a heavy gloss coat to roof ,hood and bumpers at the end , bumped up psi to 55psi last for final coats .
Moved in 6-8 inches ,3/4 paint flow , about 8 inch overlap
Fast and even passes

Sprayed on Textured Black Durabak
Sprayed on black textured Durabak
Sprayed on Smooth Olive Green Durabak
smooth sprayed on olive green durabak on toyota yaris
Sprayed on Dark Grey Durabak
'Feathered' Dark Grey Smooth Durabak on Toyota T100