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Shipping Times

We strive to get you your Durabak as soon as possible so we work with UPS because they have proven to us over the years that they are the most reliable carrier in general. 

Durabak is considered Hazmat so it has to be shipped by Ground and can only be shipped to the "Lower 48" states and only orders of 2 Gallons or more can be shipped to Canada. 

If you want Durabak in Hawaii or Alaska then you will need to find a Freight Forwarding company to handle that for you, please ask our representatives about that.

Shipping Times

We try and get orders out Next Business Day or the following day from when you order and you can then add the transit times from this map to find out when to expect to receive your Durabak.

So if you place an Order to be shipped to Indiana on Friday we would send that out on Monday or Tuesday and you would get it on Wednesday or Thursday. If you placed the Order on Monday we would send it out on Tuesday or Wednesday and you would get it on Thursday or Friday. 

In general we always do our best to be more efficient and get things out faster, but we don't want you to rely on that as there's some luck involved.

We ship all orders out of New Jersey.

If you need your Durabak super fast then we might have stock on Amazon Prime for you available in a warehouse closer to your location - chat with a customer support representative to find out.