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america’s #1 diy rv paint and roof sealantEasy application. Profesional finish.
Lasting results.

Durable Walkable seal for every rv
trusted by the us navy

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Why our spray-on formula works

Suitable for all climates and weather conditions
Doesn’t fade in the sun
No base, primer, enamel and clearcoat - all in 1!
Super durable: lasts for years!
Waterproof and resistant to saltwater
Slip-resistant properties even when wet!
Sound abatement and vibration dampening
Extreme impact protection and abrasion resistance
Anti-Rust- seals your vehicle from water and corrosives
Self leveling- Easy and Fun to Apply
Flexible: will not chip, crack or peel
Use different spray guns for different finish


Durabak: the ultimate all-in-one coating to protect any part of your RV

You RV Roof is protected with a thin and not too strong rubberized membrane, it can be damaged or punctured by a bird or a branch and can lead to expensive heart ache. Worse, you can walk up there to check everything is ok, and your own shoes could cause the damage - frustrating to say the least. The good news is that now you can apply a military-grade coating to your motorhome roof, yourself, and rest assured that your RV is well protected. Durabak, used by the US Navy, is an easy to apply one part moisture cured polyurethane liner. It’s designed to be rolled or sprayed on and cures super tough. It’s used on the decks of Nuclear Aircraft Carriers, so you don’t need to worry about breaking anything while catching a nice sunset panorama.

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Extend The Lifespan Of Your RV

How much do I need?