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Everything You Need to Know About Durabak


Durabak-18 is a heavy-duty polyurethane formula that protects any part of your vehicle (except windows) from the elements and/or abrasive cargo loads. An all-in-one paint job and bed liner paint coating solution, you can use this protective coating on numerous parts of your vehicle or boat, including:

  • Full exteriors

  • Bullbars

  • Rock sliders headache racks

  • Wheel arches

  • Bumpers

  • Side sills

  • Tonneau covers

  • Undercoating

  • Running boards

  • Roll bars

  • Fender flares

  • Chase racks

  • Wheels

It also bonds rock solid with almost every surface – you can apply it on bare metal, painted metal surfaces, rubber, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic.


The Durabak-18 comes in two forms: Durabak Exterior Coating Outdoor (Smooth) and Durabak Bed Liner Outdoor (Textured). Choosing the right product for you comes down to why you’re painting your vehicle or boat.

If you want to rejuvenate an old scratched automobile or boat, or you simply want to add some shine to your truck’s faded body, you’ll be better off with Durabak Exterior Coating Outdoor (Smooth).

Conversely, if you're looking for a bed liner paint for the tail lifts and load beds of your 4x4, bakkie, truck, or trailer, go for the Durabak Bed Liner Outdoor (Textured). You can also use the bed liner paint to create non-slip ramps, steps, and walkways. A well done bed liner paint job is easier than you think.


Durabak Bed Liner Outdoor (Textured) comes in dark grey, black, light grey, brick red, bright red, military olive, white, brown, dark blue, orange, tan, light blue, sand, forest green, yellow, and cream colors. The Durabak Exterior Coating Outdoor (Smooth), on the other hand, has bed liner colors of black, bright red, clear, cream, dark blue, dark grey, forest green, light blue, light grey, military olive, sand, tan, white, and yellow.

Keep in mind that you can mix different bed liner colors of the Durabak-18 to create your desired custom color. When doing this, be sure to stir the contents of the can thoroughly for the perfect blend.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of mixing paint, you can have your desired custom color produced to any standard provided you allow enough lead time and order at least 75 gallons.


One of the many advantages of using Durabak-18 is that it's an easy-to-apply DIY bed liner paint and exterior coating. You can apply the bed liner  using a brush, roller, or spray gun.

If you choose to use a roller to apply the textured version, you'll want to use our special Stipple Roller Sleeve. For the smooth formula, you can use any 3/16 Nap Mohair roller. When using a spray gun, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s spray application instructions.


One gallon of Durabak Bed Liner Outdoor (Textured) covers about 60 square feet if you apply two coats. If you're using Durabak Exterior Coating Outdoor (Smooth), a gallon covers about 65 square feet with a double coat application. Note that the coverage may depend on the porosity of the surface you're applying to.


Besides aesthetics, here are additional benefits of Dubarak’s bed liner and exterior coating:


Durabak is water- and chemical-resistant. This means the quality of the paint can’t be compromised when it comes into contact with water or any chemical. Additionally, unlike most DIY bed liner paints, Durabak doesn’t peel or flake, guaranteeing durability.

Sound-Dampening Properties

If your truck or boat is not only getting rusty but also clanky, Durabak may be just what it needs. The paint has sound-absorbing properties that reduce the annoying metallic sounds made when you place heavy items on the bed liner. This will especially come in handy if you live in quiet neighborhoods.

Anti-Slip Protection

If your bed liner regularly gets wet or has a slippery surface, you can use the textured bed liner paint to create high levels of grip. You can also apply two coats of the paint for added traction if the surface needs more grip.

Easy to Apply

Durabak-18 comes as one part – you don’t have to mix it with anything, leaving no room for errors. It’s also made from a special user-friendly formula, meaning it’s safe for anyone to handle.

Even better, you don’t have to keep your truck parking the entire week just because you just painted it. With Durabak, you can drive the truck the next day after painting.


For a protective, good-looking coating for your truck or boat, consider Durabak-18 bed liner paint and exterior coating. Moreover, they come in different colors, are easy to apply, and can also serve commercial, industrial, and military applications. Get value for your money with Durabak.

Order your bed liner paint and exterior coating today or find a DurabakPRO near you!