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Semi Truck PaintEasy application. Profesional finish. Lasting results.

Smooth or Textured Finish
trusted by the us navy

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protects against rust & rock damage EASY TO APPLY: BRUSH, ROLL ON, OR SPRAY!

Make your truck look good and last longer with this unique DIY coating option.

Protecting your semi never looked so good!
super tough durabak works on your cab, trailer and underbody

Durabak is easy to apply and fun to work with, you can get great results with no special equipment, experience or tools. Durabak can be applied with a roller, or spray gun on your cab, trailer, wheel wells, steps, undercoating, trailer etc. Durabak is trusted by the US Navy because it so tough and hard wearing that is lasts for decades even out at sea, so a little salt is no problem at all. Durabak can be applied yourself with simple preparation in a mixture of colors and textures.

Durabak is not only tough and perfect for withstanding flying rocks on the highway it can also be used for slip-prevention on tail gates and steps, it protects the truck, cab, underbody and trailer from getting corroded. Durabak is one part, moisture cured, polyurethane. Durabak bonds to metal, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, wood and paint. Application is simple, just clean the surface, scuff off the clear coat (if it's still there) with 80 or 100 grit, wipe down with Solvide or Xylene and Apply 2 coats of Durabak - you can find full guidelines in the footer section below.

Durabak™ Why our formula works Bonds to most surfaces | Easy to apply additional coats at any time

Suitable for all climates and weather conditions
Sound abatement and vibration dampening
Bonds to; Metal, Aluminum, Paint, Fiberglass, Rubber, Wood and more
Doesn’t fade in the sun, reflects the heat
Extreme impact protection and abrasion resistance
UV resistant - looks great, season after season
Anti-corrosive, withstands saltwater and sweetwater
Super durable: lasts years under heavy foot traffic!
Waterproof and easy to clean
Flexible: will not chip, crack or peel, lasts many years
Slip-resistant properties, grips even when wet!
Self leveling, Professional results
Undercoating, Tailgate grip, Roof sealant
Layer Textured and Smooth for barefoot friendly coating