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Application Guidelines

Durabak is a unique product which can be effectively applied to many different materials. Durabak is so incredibly resilient and strong because it binds mechanically to the surface it is applied to, almost impregnating that surface with a resilient layer of flexible protection. In order to create a strong bond the surface has to be prepped accordingly, all contaminants have to be removed and the material needs to be scuffed for the Durabak to seep in and bond.

Below are handy and complete guidelines for every type of Durabak application – if you can’t find the application type you need click the chat icon on the bottom right and we’ll be happy to help.

Durabak needs a roughened surface to bond with, for that reason we do not recommend applying Durabak onto Glass, Marble or other surfaces that cannot be scratched up with sandpaper.

If you have more questions, please search for answers on our FULL FAQS page.