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Durabak Blog

  • How To Waterproof Wood For A Boat

    In this post, we’re going to take an in-depth look at what paint to use for wooden boats. By the end of it, you'll know the best paint to choose, the benefits, and how to apply it. 

  • How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Truck in 2020?

    Painting a truck gives you the chance to rejuvenate the look or try out a different color altogether. Besides choosing a color, one of the biggest ...
  • Protecting a Semi Truck with Durabak

    Discover a great, easy and cost effective way to make your Semi truck look awesome and last way longer - hint: it involves bed liner!
  • Go-Kart faster and safer on Durabak coated raceways

    Durabak military spec non-skid liner is the best way to protect your karting track and drivers for a reassuring and awesome looking raceway.
  • Polyurethane Clear Coat: Why it's the #1 aftermarket upgrade for your car

    PU Protect your paint-job with a polyurethane clear coat Polyurethane clear coat is the ultimate do it yourself upgrade you can give any car or tru...
  • Boat Carpet Replacement doesn't have to be an expensive nightmare - forget templates, DIY with Durabak

    If your boat carpet is looking old, worn and dirty, if the mud and residue is weighing it down you need to consider boat carpet replacement, out wi...
  • How I bought Car Paint & SAVED $3500 painting just as good myself as Pro Automotive Paint!

    It drove me crazy. I loved my car but the peeling paint, the white clearcoat, it sucked. It SUCKED. What sucked more was that respraying my 1984 Toyota 4Runner was going to cost $4k, money I just didn’t have.
  • Add Grip to a Dock Leveller for Safer Forklift Operation

    Your warehouse dock levelers can be dangerously slippery for a heavily laden forklift trucks at high inclines and that can create real danger. Durabak is an easy to use solution to add permanent reliable grip that won't fade or wear away.
  • How to Restore an Old Wooden Playset | Swing Set Restoration

    So you're swing set isn't looking it's best and the kids are scared to play on it because they're getting splinters, it's time to do something abo...
  • Durabak for Duck Hunting

    If you're a duck hunter and you want to boost your When hunting ducks and other waterfowl you can increase your chances of success with the right e...
  • Steel Road Plate Slip Resistance

    It is now a legal requirement to make sure that Steel Road Plates and other plates that are used to cover open roadwork trenches are treated for sl...
  • Rv Roof Repair

    Click here to discover the excellent color and texture options Durabak has to offer.