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everything lasts longer with DurabakProtect from rust, scratches and impact with this flexible coating

Easy application. Professional finish. Lasting results.
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Why our spray-on formula works

Suitable for all climates and weather conditions
Doesn’t fade in the sun
No base, primer, enamel and clearcoat - all in 1!
Super durable: lasts for years!
Waterproof and resistant to saltwater
Slip-resistant properties even when wet!
Sound abatement and vibration dampening
Extreme impact protection and abrasion resistance
Anti-Rust- seals your vehicle from water and corrosives
Self leveling- Easy and Fun to Apply
Flexible: will not chip, crack or peel
Use different spray guns for different finish

tough, diy, SPRAY in bedliner!

For over 30 years, Durabak™ Spray in Bed Liner has helped regular folks get PRO RESULTS IN A DIY PACKAGE!

Durabak’s heavy-duty all-in-one sprayable formula provides a bed liner paint for any surface needing protection from the elements and rough cargo loads. Durabak's unique composition allows you to get a variety of finishes depending on application, from super smooth to super grippy. Durabak is a genuine “do it yourself” truck bed liner paint and truck body coating (available in smooth or textured) for good looking and really long lasting protection.
Rejuvenate an old, scratched vehicle, or simply change the color or add some texture to a brand new one! No specialist or expensive equipment needed for a perfect, sprayed on, finish.
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Durabak: the ultimate all-in-one coating to protect your car or truck.