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Paint, Roll On and Spray: 10 Excellent Ways to Use Durabak Today

Durabak is an amazingly versatile product that has plenty of awesome applications.  There is no shortage of excellent ways to use Durabak. As a colored truck bed liner is the most common use of Durabak and Marine applications are widespread as well. For Trucks and other vehicles many people use Durabak for undercoating protection, and off road enthusiasts often coat their entire vehicle in Durabak too. The potential uses for Durabak are as limitless as your imagination. Read the following ten ways Durabak can be used and discover inspiration!

1. Colored Truck Bed Liner Paint

Durabak is prepared to make pick up truck protection an easy do-it-yourself project. Start by prepping the area you want to coat.  You can use a wire brush to brush away any rust there might be. Remember to use eye protection during this phase! Bare metal will require a primer.  Non bare metal areas should be wiped down with xylene and let to dry before applying Durabak. Then open the can, choose your method of application, and coat your pickup truck bed liner. The same simple application process applies if you are coating the under body of your Truck, the exterior of your vehicle, or if you are using Durabak for a Marine or structural use. It's that simple! Durabak is created with your ease of use in mind.

2. Make Your Boat Brilliant With Durabak for Marine

What can serve as a better testimony than seeing our very own country's marine fleet sporting Durabak? The U.S. NAVY trusts Durabak for a variety of Marine applications where the best product is needed to protect some of the most robust boats in the world. Durabak-Painted-Boat-Floor Durabak paint is created to military specifications to withstand the most treacherous waters in the world. 100% salt water resistance is one of the many amazing technical specs of Durabak. Coat your boat with a few layers of our paint and check out the results for yourself. Durabak's waterproof non-skid coating also protects against fuel, chemical, and salt water damage. Goto our marine paint page and check out our awesome client testimonial video on the difference Durabak can make.

3. Revitalize Floors and Ramps

Safety always comes first, and here at Durabak we understand that it is a top priority. Use Durabak for proper anti-slip protection on stairs, ramps, and all other areas where water might cause a dangerous situation. During application, you can build up Durabak to any thickness to ensure that you get the texture and grip you desire. You can definitely be assured that Durabak is highly durable.

4. Magnificent for Motorcycles and ATVs

Durabak isn't just any regular paint.


Durabak is made to last and designed with truck bed liners in mind. You won't have to worry about Durabak being compromised by harsh terrain and elements: It is amazingly scratch-resistant. Here at Durabak we know that drivers have to face tough conditions and that's why our product is built to last. Whether you're driving through snow or rain, or plowing your way through a bushy driveway you can be assured that your truck’s paint won’t flake, peel, chip, or show wear.

5. Demand More From Your Deck

Decks are great however all regular decks share an unfortunate fate: Water causes them to rot and fall apart. Decks that endure long past ordinary decks are gone are the ones that are protected with Durabak from the start. Durabak is a great all-in-one formula that will keep your deck protected and the people who use it safe for years to come. Instead of buying separate coatings and varnishes you can use one can of Durabak and fulfill all your needs! Durabak looks fantastic, is totally resilient, and is adaptable to your needs and specifications.

6. Bonds Strong To Any Surface


Have you got a metal pickup truck? Wood boat flooring? An off road JEEP? Or perhaps you need to coat fiberglass, or concrete? Whatever material surface it is that needs coating, Durabak will hold fast. Ramps, cat walks, heavy equipment, and loading docks: Durabak can protect them all. Heavy cargo loads? Traction? Bad weather? Durabak has you covered! Use Durabak as a versatile substance to fit all your outdoor protection needs.

7. Re-Invigorate Your Rims

As a family owned and operated company we understand the importance of being conscious of the environment. Durabak is Eco-Conscious and our paints grit is composed of rubber granules made from re-purposed recycled tires. Speaking of tires one of the awesome applications of Durabak is to re-invigorate your rims and make them look brand new. Durabak keeps rims protected in all conditions of weather too.

8. 18 Excellent Colors to Choose From

You shouldn't have to settle when it comes to preference. Not only are there are many different ways to use Durabak: There are many different colors as well. Durabak is available in over 18 colors, with two veneers to choose from: both textured and smooth. You can view our swatches online, or even request a free sample. Fulfill your dreams from start to finish!

9. Whatever the Weather Durabak Can do Better

With a freeze thaw range of -60°F to +254°F you can rest assured that no matter where you are taking Durabak it can handle the weather. That means that Durabak will work great in the hot Nevada desert on a Dune Buggy or in a New York winter on a sled. Durabak can handle the heat and keep your equipment cool in the cold. Durabak-Coated-Stairs

Whatever the weather Durabak can do better.

10. Avoid Slipping and Stay Safe on Stairs

Water and can create dangerous situations for even the most careful climbers. Coat your stairs in Durabak and you will enjoy increased safety and protection for years to come.


There are many ways Durabak can be used and the ten tips above are just the tip of the iceberg!

Share Your Durabak Story

Have you used Durabak in a unique and interesting way? Join us on Facebook and post a photo of your Durabak project for a chance to win! Durabak has many awesome applications:
  • Motorcycle Refinishing
  • Stair Coating
  • Off Road JEEP Exterior Protection
  • Boat Protection, Interior and Exterior
  • Heavy Equipment Protection
  • Tool Handles
  • And Much More!

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