Technical Product Information


Durabak™ floor coating and industrial coating is a tough, one-part polyurethane with self-contained recycled rubber granules, which give it an attractive tough-textured appearance. When exposed to atmospheric moisture, Durabak™ undergoes a chemical curing process which changes it from a liquid to a tough polyurethane membrane. Durabak™ will chemically bond to most clean and dry surfaces. These include, but are not limited to, concrete, wood, fiberglass, metal, rubber and sound-proofing materials. It can be applied by roller, brush or spray. Durabak™ can give a relatively smooth or rough surface, depending on application technique.


Durabak™ has many applications for commercial, industrial, military and civilian use. Durabak™ protects surfaces from foul weather elements and harsh chemicals, while creating a non-slip surface on:

  • pedestrian walkways
  • truck beds
  • ramps and loading docks
  • bridges
  • concrete, metal and wooden steps
  • catwalks
  • ship decks
  • marine applications
  • pleasure boats
  • storage tanks
  • floors
  • ramps
  • pools and spas
  • sealing rusty pipes
  • playgrounds
  • freight elevators
  • tool handles
  • roofing
  • vehicle undercoating
  • curb ramps
  • parking lots

Physical Properties:

Weight per gallon (lb) 10
Viscosity, Kreb units 67-72
Percent solids by weight 66%
Application temperature range 32°F-95°F
Application thickness, 2 coats dry 29-39 mils
Flexibility Total flexibility
Resilience Resilient in dry state
Abrasion resistance (Tabor wheel, 1000 g load, 1000 cycles) 30.5
Fire resistance

Flame spread

Smoke generation

ASTM E-162: 01

ASTM E-662: 06

Salt water resistance 100%
Freeze-thaw resistance -60°F to +254°F
Pot life 3 Hours
Shelf life (unopened) min 1 year
Flash time 1 – 3 hours
Walk time 6 to 12 hours
Time between coats 1 hour
Full circle 4 days
VOC 2.08 lbs/gal
DOT Hazmat Info coating, 3 UN1263, PG III
Solids 75.8%


No mixing of components
Totally Flexible
Never chips, flakes or peels
Bonds to itself
Water resistant, resistant to acid, chemicals, UV exposure, salt water
Fast Drying
Very short intercoat time; Foot traffic in 6 to 12 hours
Lasts for years; no need to remove old Durabak™ when recoating