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Non-Slip Polyurethane Protective Coating for OSHA Compliance in Your Warehouse

Warehouses are fast-paced environments with unique challenges. Some of these challenges are logistical, and some are dangerous. While ensuring optimum operation is vital for a warehouse, it is essential not to compromise safety for productivity.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, outlines the best ways to set up, operate, and manage your warehouse safely and efficiently.


OSHA's regulations are followed by thousands of warehouse workers and managers nationwide to ensure safe workplaces. The OSHA handbook offers many alterations you can make to your warehouse and workflow to assure compliance and create a safer workspace. One crucial aspect to consider is to use non-slip polyurethane protective coating in areas when slippage can be very dangerous.

Warehouse Floor



OSHA Standards

Per OSHA's recommendations, all employers must ensure the safety of their workers, and that applies to floors as well. OSHA's Surface Conditions Directive 1910.22 defines the safety measures to keep warehouse workers safe.


With the creation of OSHA, working men and women did not have to risk their lives to earn a living. The regulations set forth by OSHA maintain specific protocols and expectations for quality, upkeep, and types of materials used in the workplace. Non-slip polyurethane coating can help make your workplace safe.


Warehouse Injuries

More than 1 million people work in warehouses and storage units across the United States. Out of these workers, 5 out of 100 will hurt themselves on the job.


OSHA took the statistics from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and identified the two most common warehouse accidents: Workers struck by moving equipment and workers tripping, slipping, or falling.


That's why it's essential to treat your warehouse floors with an anti-slip protective coating. By using Durabak on your warehouse floors, stairs, doorways, and loading docks, you can reduce the number of slippages and injuries your workers suffer each year.


Warehouse Safety

Some of the hazards that OSHA delineates in the material it gives to employers are conveyors, docks, and charging stations. There are also warnings issued for failures in communication and poor ergonomics.


There is also a checklist that includes the directive to keep all aisles and floors clear of obstruction or anything that could cause a fall. Durabak's protective coating creates a grippy layer so workers have better traction, reducing the risk of falling and hurting themselves. Using a protective coating on the walking surfaces of your warehouse helps you comply with OSHA's standards.


Forklift Safety

Loading Docks

Loading docks are one of the busiest and most dangerous places for workers. The wheels of a forklift don't have the grip like the pneumatic tires of a sports car or other vehicle, and sometimes the steel floor is wet, making it extra slippery. Every employer dreads a situation in which a forklift bearing a massive load slips.


An economic way to prevent these slips is to use a protective layer of coating that has rubber crumbs, like Durabak 18. The small granules help create a textured surface that a forklift's tires can adhere to, thus preventing any injuries.


Protective Coating

Durabak is liquified polyurethane that can be sprayed or painted onto a surface. This protective coating is easy to apply and is so effective; you won't need to reapply for several years.


Unlike paint, Durabak endures years of heavy use and abuse. Most paints create a textured surface by using the roller to create texture on the new layer. Durabak has pieces of recycled rubber in the polyurethane liquid, so the texture doesn't ever wear down.


Some loads handled in warehouses are sensitive to any movement. Durabak creates a smooth surface with just enough grip for any loads that are particularly sensitive to movement. An array of bright colors is useful in warehouses to demarcate borders and hazardous areas.


While Durabak can help prevent slips and falls in your warehouse, it also doubles as a protective coating to prevent wear-and-tear from use and time. You can use Durabak paint for coating on gates, heavy machinery, concrete flooring, and even on the roof.


Polyurethane helps prevent corrosive elements from penetrating metal and other surfaces, which also helps to increase the safety of the equipment your employees use every day.


Spray Coatings


Final Thoughts

If you are in charge of a busy warehouse, you have a lot of things happening at all times. One of the most important occupations of a warehouse manager is to make sure the warehouse complies with all of OSHA's standards.


OSHA directs that all floors, stairs, and aisle in a workplace be free from any obstruction that could cause a work-related accident. Using a protective coating like Durabak lessens the chances of accidents by creating a grippy, durable flooring that will last for years. Let us help you find the right Durabak product for your warehouse OSHA compliance needs. Call us at (303)-690-7190 for more information on how our products can help make your warehouse OSHA compliant.

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