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Add Grip to a Dock Leveller for Safer Forklift Operation

Forklift trucks get into thousands of accidents every year costing millions of dollars in real damage and lawsuit claims. 

The loading dock being the epicenter for most damage and costs. 

Forklift trucks don’t ride on the same grippy pneumatic rubber tires as sports cars and so the level of traction on diamond plate steel is poor. Whilst you may be fitting your car for winter tires to handle the wet or cold, there simply isn’t such a practice for forklift tires.

Forklifts that are intended for indoor use in the warehouse will be fitted with solid core rubber casters which have even less grip than pneumatic tires. That is, however, usually adequate on a perfectly flat poured concrete warehouse floor where there are no grip issues whatsoever, but these tires have their limits. 

One place where this grip matters is when trying to haul a heavy load out of a truck over a wet dock leveller at a fifteen degree incline. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Whilst regulating which trucks can ride up to your bays, to make sure that they’re all the right height, or switching to some sort of high-grip wet-weather forklift caster every winter, there has to be an easier way.

You may have noticed the ramps with teeth are eating up your tires and damage the traction, which is no good either.

There is another, cheaper, easier solution. Don’t think about the tires, think about the flooring. 

With specialized flooring paint used by the US Navy on the decks of their warships including Nuclear AC Carriers and many of the nations greatest companies and organizations, Durabak is a reliable solution to a real problem.

Now if you’re forklift truck is used outdoors and regularly traverses wet grass, and you never had any slip issues, this is not for you.

But if you’re concerned about slipping and the risks involved with heavy laden forklift trucks potentially losing their grip, then Durabak is for you.

This liquified polyurethane coating which can be easily applied with a roller or even sprayed on, will add a ton of grip to any surface,

Now, there are plenty of high grip floor coatings, so what makes Durabak the ideal one for this particular job?

Durabak isn’t a paint, it’s used as bed liner in trucks and is designed to withstand years of severe abuse without compromising on reliability.

Durabak is formulated with real crumbs of rubber inside the polyurethane adding real, particle based grip. The grip isn’t from the texture of the roller, it can’t wear away or flatten, it’s solid pieces of recycled tire rubber - perfect and unbeatable for the highest level of grip imaginable. Whilst it adds tons of grip, it’s flexible enough to ensure a smooth wide for the forklift and any sensitive cargo loads.

Durabak is available in a wide array of bright colors, making it easier for forklift and truck drivers to line up with the loading bay even in poor lighting and inclement weather.

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