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How to Create Non-Slip Concrete Surfaces

Sealed concrete becomes quite slippery when it gets wet. This poses a risk to you and others in the driveway or your warehouse. Thankfully, there are some simple solutions available when you are looking how to create non-slip concrete surfaces. Here are a couple of options you might not have considered. create non-slip concrete surfaces

Create Non-Slip Concrete Surfaces: Gritty Sealers

There are several manufacturers who produce a sealer coat to increase friction. The best grit comes from a ground-up polyethylene compound. You have the option to purchase products made from aluminum oxide or silica sand, but they can change the appearance of your decorative concrete. When using a gritty sealer, you have several advantages aside from the ease of creating non-slip concrete surfaces:
  • Transparency
  • Lightweight, so it remains suspended in the sealer
  • Durable
It is important that you mix the product properly to avoid any clumping during application. Usually, you’ll want to mix about a pound of the grit substance to 5 gallons of your sealer. A popular additive for use on concrete is SharkGrip from H&C. Another high-quality way to create a non-slip concrete surface in your warehouse is with the use of Durabak paint. The non-slip texture is easy to apply and is also waterproof, heat resistant and sound dampening. Remember with Durabak; you can brush it, roll it or spray it on.

Create Non-Slip Concrete Surfaces: Slip-Resistant Tape

In some conditions, you might find concrete is slippery in only some spots. Instead of drawing unneeded attention to those areas, you could opt to utilize anti-slip tape instead. The anti-slip tape is pressure sensitive and comes in a varying assortment of configurations. You can cut the tape yourself, plus you’ll find many colors, sizes and shapes. There are even some that glow in the dark. To install a slip-resistant tape, you’ll need a dry, clean and smooth surface. Ideally, choose temperatures above 65 degrees or as close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit if possible. Then, clean the surface with industrial strength products and rinse thoroughly. Make sure you allow the concrete to dry before going any further. If you are using a product like 3M, be sure to apply a primer as they claim it creates better adhesion. Then, simply cut the tape to the size you need and press it into place. If you start in the middle and work your way out to the edges, you’ll have the best chance of removing any bubbles. In fact, you might want to apply the tape with a rubber roller. While there are many manufacturers who make tapes, it does appear that 3M offers the largest selection at this time.

Broom Finish

For as long as people have been pouring concrete, they’ve been using brooms as a way to create slip-resistant finishes. Simply, you run the broom over the wet concrete in varying directions to create texture. Aside from this decreasing the aesthetic appeal of your driveway or warehouse, it also has to be accomplished when the concrete is installed. It can’t be performed later down the road.


Your driveway and other concrete surfaces need to be safe for you and others. Determine the best course of action for your needs and then get to work to create non-slip concrete surfaces. For warehouse or industrial applications, contact us about all the ways Durabak is useful. Don’t forget; there are numerous purposes for Durabak; just check out how to add non-skid paint to a ramp or horse trailers.

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