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General Maintenance and Care Tips for Canoes

If you follow general maintenance tips for your canoe, it could last you a lifetime. When you invest some time now and follow these care tips for canoes, you protect your investment and ensure many years of adventure. We put together the best general maintenance and care tips for canoes from across the Internet to provide you with a handy, easy to follow guide.  

Storage Care Tips for Canoes

The most important aspect of your canoe care is in how you store it. Ideally, you’ll want to store your canoe upside down while it’s supported by its gunwales. If you must store it outside, protect it from sun damage. This doesn’t just mean throwing a tarp on top. In fact, that can create more damage as a tarp traps in the moisture and heat and leads to further problems. If you are storing a composite canoe outdoors, you’ll want to use a boat or car wax on the outer surfaces. With a plastic canoe, you’ll opt instead for a UV protectant that shields the material from the sun’s rays. To winterize wooden gunwales, you want to allow the canoe to dry completely and then apply a coating of gunwale oil.

Wood Trim Care Tips for Canoes

Wood is often used for the trim of canoe seating or gunwales. If they’re varnished, you need to do a light sanding and re-coat every three to four years. If they’re oiled, retreat them once a year for protection.

Wood & Canvas Care Tips for Canoes

Both canvas and wooden canoes are going to require a little extra care. If you don’t protect the canoe from sand or mud, you’ll find that the grit eventually wears away your finish. That’s why you need to keep the canoe as clean as possible. If you end up with any scratches on your canoe, it’s imperative that you seal them immediately to protect the finish as well.

Stain Care Tips for Canoes

Every now and then, you’ll require the use of a commercial hull cleaner to get rid of those scum lines and various stains. You can also apply a protectant to hide any scratches and offer a slick, fresh look to your boat.

Benefits to Using Durabak for Your Canoe

While it isn’t advised to use any bed liner product on the canoe hull, you could use it for the inside. Consider ripping out the bad carpet inside your boat and applying marine liner paint instead. This won’t just look great, but it makes your boat much easier to clean. It’s also cheaper than purchasing new carpet and glue. Here are several reasons to choose Durabak for your canoe protection.
  • Our formula is water-resistant and UV resistant.
  • It offers impact protection.
  • Our product is anti-corrosive.
  • It will not chip or peel off.
  • America’s Navy uses Durabak, so you know it is designed for the highest levels of protection.

Other Uses for Bed Liner

As we’ve been showing you, bed liner isn’t just for trucks anymore. When you are finished your canoe care, consider trying out one of these other projects with your leftover product.

With the help of Durabak, your truck, patios, steps, ramps and boats will all be adequately protected from wear and tear. What are you waiting for?

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