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Boat Carpet Replacement doesn't have to be an expensive nightmare - forget templates, DIY with Durabak

If your boat carpet is looking old, worn and dirty, if the mud and residue is weighing it down you need to consider boat carpet replacement, out with the old and in with the new. But what new? Which new? Let's discuss...


Replacing old carpet with new carpet is like a second marriage. It's the triumph of hope over experience. It seems nice, it's soft and comfy, but it's a nightmare to maintain, it's heavy, it slows you down, it doesn't really protect the plywood, Aluminum or Fiberglass underneath and it's expensive and difficult to install.

The advantages of carpet are mainly that it's never really going to be slippery, and it's comfortable for bare skin or bare feet. Carpet is the traditional route, it's always been used, just like carpet is used on the inside of your truck or car, it's a cheap way for manufacturers to hide imperfect finishes.

But when you think about fishing, which you will, quite a lot, and fish guts spilling on the carpet. When you think of the hooks catching the carpet pile or the rain soaking into the carpet. The dog and your boots dragging filth and mud, it's all just a headache, an unnecessary headache.

Bed Liner

It's already no secret that using bed liner as marine carpet replacement is becoming increasingly popular on bass boats, jonboats and fishing boats. The problem is that, even if you can afford the thousand+ dollars to get it done, it's just too thick and heavy and it weighs down your boat just too much, But what else can you get which is tough, resilient and grippy but without the high price and heavy weight?


Used extensively on many of the US Navy's warships, Durabak boat paint is a favorite for maritime professionals looking for the ultimate product. Formulated specifically for DIY it is surprisingly easy to work with and getting professional looking results that none of your friends will believe. You have to take pictures and videos of the whole process just to prove that you really did it yourself. 

Durabak is substantial paint so it will insulate against heat and noise and protect the boat from scratches, salt water and chemicals. You can chose textured or smooth Durabak or use a mixture of both to replace your boat carpet with a product that will last many, many years whilst offering great grip that is easy to clean in a wide range of colors.

One of the unique advantages of working with Durabak is that you can easily get the grip level you need. Durabak comes in both textured and smooth configurations, and you can mix them as needed. Most popular for boat floors and decks is a base coat of textured for some heavy duty grip with a top coat of smooth for a gentler feel on bare feet and skin, and an ever easier to wash finish. On side walls, hulls and bottoms it's best to stick with 2 coats of smooth laid on thin for a professional finish. Fishing boats or anywhere where a whole lot of grip is essential are best done with 2 or even 3 coats of textured Durabak for unbeatable non-skid.

The thickness of the Durabak really helps insulate the boat both from the heat of the Sun and noise too.

The only thing more relaxing than a day on the lake fishing is knowing that your boat is well protected and clean up will take under 5 minutes with a hose.Now THAT'S my kinda day out.

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