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White Durabak Truck Bed Liner Outdoor UV - Durabak Company
White Durabak Truck Bed Liner Outdoor UV - Durabak Company
White Durabak Truck Bed Liner Outdoor UV - Durabak Company
White Durabak Truck Bed Liner Outdoor UV - Durabak Company
White Durabak Truck Bed Liner Outdoor UV

White Durabak Truck Bed Liner Outdoor UV

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Durabak Bed Liner Outdoor (Textured)

Durabak™ is an all-in-one truck bed liner that protects surfaces from elements or rough cargo load. Despite its heavy-duty properties, Durabak is still a do-it-yourself truck bed coating that looks good and lasts long. It comes in smooth and textured and can be brushed on, rolled on, or sprayed on surfaces.

Durabak Specifications

  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 8 inches. 
  • Coverage: A quart of Durabak paint covers approximately 15 square feet in a two-coat. application. A gallon can cover approximately 60 square feet in the standard two-coat application. 
  • Color: Black, brick red, bright red, brown, cream, dark blue, dark grey, forest green, light blue, light grey, military olive, orange, sand, tan, white, yellow.

You'll also get a free 4-inch stipple roller when you purchase a gallon of Textured Durabak paint. 

Why Choose Durabak Truck Bed Liner?

Here's what you get when you choose Durabak as your truck bed coating:


Durabak is resistant to water. This makes it a good choice for bed liners constantly exposed to wet conditions.

UV- and Chemical-Resistant 

Durabak is not reactive with any chemical, making it a safe choice for trucks transporting reactive materials. 

Does Not Flake or Peel

Unlike most automotive paint, Durabak truck bed liner doesn’t peel or flake with time, guaranteeing durability and extended useful life of your truck bed. 

Sound Dampening 

Durabak bed liner coating comes with sound dampening capabilities. This allows you to transport metallic items without too much noise. 


For slippery truck beds or those constantly exposed to liquids, Durabak can help improve traction to prevent slips.

DIY-Friendly Paint 

With Durabak truck bed coating, everything is done for you – there's nothing else to mix it in, so there’s no room for error. The special formula is also user-friendly and anyone can apply it.

The paints also need little to no maintenance – a little soap and water will work just fine. 

Truck Bed Coatings

Customers who purchased Durabak truck bed liner also purchased:


Xylene (or xylol) is used for nearly all Durabak applications. 

For an extended drying time for a hard, glossy layer, Xylene is a good alternative to Toluene to thin oil-based paint, varnish, lacquer, epoxy, synthetic enamels, and adhesives. Xylene is also a good solvent for cleaning up tools, equipment, and spills immediately after painting. 

Don’t use the Xylene as a general-purpose cleaner as it may soften or damage synthetics, plastics, linoleum, fiberglass, asphalt tile, rubber, and many other finishes. It's recommended to do a patch test before application. 

Durabak Liquid Accelerator 

Depending on the weather conditions, Durabak Accelerator can reduce drying time by up to 50%. This is especially handy when painting your truck bed in a low atmospheric condition or when you need quick drying/curing time.

The accelerator should be added to Durabak truck bed liner at the ratio of 1 can for every gallon of paint. 

Stir the mixture thoroughly for complete blending. The Accelerator won’t affect the performance of the Durabak coating. 

Etching Primer 

For some metals, you may need to apply a primer before painting. Consult our Durabak representative or product manual for this. 

METCOTE is a quick-drying, anti-corrosion, heat-resistant etch primer used on steel, iron, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, galvanized metal, and other porous surfaces. 

Besides its excellent adhesion to various types of metal, the primer offers good resistance to water, acid, and alkali. It's also non-flammable and dries in 30 minutes at 77°F.

Zinc Phosphate Primer Spray 

Just like galvanizing, Zinc Phosphate Primer Spray seals metal to treat rust. This allows Durabak to form a strong bond with the metal, increasing durability. 

Rust Converter 

This formula converts rust chemically into an inert, black barrier on iron or steel surfaces, preventing further rusting. 

Apply Rust Converter with a sponge or paintbrush to function as a primer. 

Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Sheet 

Use sandpaper sheet to etch the metal, fiberglass, or wood surface before applying the Durabak truck bed coating. Choose from a range of grit, including 40, 60, 80, and 100 grit. 

Truck Bed Liner Paint Colors

You can never go wrong with Durabak truck bed liner. Durabak comes in different truck bed liner colors to suit every taste and need. At Durabak, we carry truck bed liners in dark grey, black, white, red, green and a variety of other popular colors. Because of their durability and reliability, our products are also used for many commercial and heavy-duty applications.

Truck Bed Liners Near Me

If you’re online looking for “truck bed liners near me,” consider using our store locator to locate a DurabakPRO close to you.

Order your next truck bed coating (smooth or textured) from us.


  • Durabak™ truck bed liner is water-resistant, flexible, sound dampening, UV and chemical resistant. Resistant to flaking and peeling, it's special texture also offers excellent anti-slip protection and Durabak™ can be built up to any thickness!
  • For textured Durabak use the blue 4” stipple roller (free with the purchase of a textured gallon). 
  • One part: Nothing else to mix in – no room for error.
  • The special user-friendly formula can be applied by just about anyone!
  • Apply Durabak,™ then drive your protected vehicle the next day.
  • Easy to maintain with soap and water
  • Some metal applications might need a primer applied. Consult your product manual or a Durabak™ representative
  • COVERAGE: A quart of Textured Durabak should cover approx. 15sq. ft in standard 2 coat application. A gallon of Textured Durabak should cover approx. 60sq. ft in standard 2 coat application. 
  • A quart of Smooth Durabak should cover approx. 18sq. ft in standard 2 coat application. A gallon of Smooth Durabak should cover approx. 75sq. ft in standard 2 coat application
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