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MIL SPEC Military ONLY Durabak M26 Liner Indoor (Textured) - Durabak Company

MIL SPEC Military ONLY Durabak M26 Liner Indoor (Textured)

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  • Durabak™ liner is water resistant, flexible, sound dampening, chemical and UV resistant. Resistant to flaking and peeling, it's special texture also offers excellent anti-slip protection and Durabak™ can be built up to any thickness!
  • For textured finishes, use a 4” stipple roller. For smooth finishes, use a short nap 3/16” mohair roller, not included.
  • Nothing else to mix in – no room for error.
  • Special user friendly formula can be applied by just about anyone!
  • Easy to maintain with soap and water
  • Some metal applications might need a primer applied. Consult your product manual or a Durabak™ representative

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