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Non Slip Dock Leveler

Durabak has an almost endless list of possible uses in all manner of facilities. Durabak is a popular solution in facilities ranging from schools to kitchens to correctional facilities. One prison management company was having a hard time finding a product that they could use on the showers in the correctional facilities they manage in Ohio. After “trying everything” they were shocked to see that Durabak didn’t need to be reapplied after 30 days. Many months later Durabak is now used on the rails, doors and kitchen floors at many correctional facilities.

Durabak’s resilience to both wear and extreme weather makes it a dependable solution for exposed fire stairs and escapes where slip resistance is as important as are the  strong colors. 

Another place where Durabak has really shone through has been at countless school districts across the country. Playground equipment with peeling powder coating has been restored to full brightness with softer, heat dampening and easy grip Durabak that doesn’t peel off or crack.


Parking bollards

Durabak found fame in the eyes of truckers and generally in the transportation industry. Besides being a lifesaving, not to mention litigation saving, tool for warehouses, dock levelers, lift gates and loading bays, Durabak is being driven on as well.

From go-kart tracks to container ship car ramps to parking bollards to road plates Durabak is everywhere. 

Durabak excels for its superior adhesion to almost any surface and astounding levels of grip. Prepped properly anything from concrete to steel to fiberglass and aluminum can form unbreakable bonds with Durabak that will not crack, lift, peel or give. 

One area that has really benefited from the introduction of Durabak has been Road plates used by roadworks construction companies to allow traffic to safely drive over ditches dug in the roads. Many cities have strict regulations as to the minimum level of grip required on such road plates, but all other solutions don’t work. Diamond plate is too slippery and bauxite tape simply peels off too fast. However, Durabak has proven to provide more than adequate grip that lasts beyond the call of duty.


Beef Stall

In addition to Durabak’s unbeatable adhesion and slip resistance is the incredible resilience it offers. Besides the impact and abrasion resistance that made Durabak popular on truck beds and navy warships alike is the resistance to chemicals, acids and all manner of liquid aggressors. 

One area where this fortitude has proven invaluable is throughout the agricultural industry. From farm trucks to horse trailers to beef stalls Durabak is standing up to the acids and corrosives produced by livestock that have previously eaten straight through aluminum and steel.

One horse breeder was having trouble with her horse trailers being heavily corroded from the highly acidic urine of her horses and this was in turn making their rides in the trailer uncomfortable which deeply concerned her. Her thick rubber matts were not able to protect the aluminum floor so she turned to Durabak to solve the problem. A few coats of Durabak on a new Aluminum floor was all it took to both give the horses the grip they needed for standing safely on long drives whilst protecting the floor from corrosion.


Durabak Coated Steps

Durabak has found its way to a surprising variety of applications that we at the company would never have thought of, but creative users have shocked us with their ingenuity.

Durabak’s slip resistance has made it all but essential for fire escape stairs, external stairs and concrete flooring in wet and slippery environments. 

Durabak’s resilience has found it used in places with excessive foot traffic, from train station platforms to amusement park rides to museums.