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Why You Should Never Install a Plastic Bedliner in a Truck

It might be tempting to install a plastic bedliner in your truck. They are cheaper and easier than using a spray-in bedliner. You think that a plastic bedliner is protecting the bed of your truck and it even looks good, but I have the truth for you. Here’s why you should never install a plastic bedliner in a truck.

What is a Plastic Bedliner?

These are otherwise referred to as a drop-in bedliner and are made of hard plastic material. You set it on top of your truck bed and there is no installation required. On top of that, you don’t need any expertise to put one in the truck and they are relatively inexpensive. Because of this, most people think it’s the best option for their truck needs. What most people don’t know when they install a plastic bedliner in a truck is that they often lead to damage. The bedliner is not tied down in any way, so debris makes its way underneath. In addition, it moves and shifts as you drive leading to scratches and other damage to your truck. Take a look under that bedliner and here’s what you might see.

Reason #1: Scratches

Drop-in bedliners are known for scratching the pickup bed. That’s because they are a hard, plastic surface which is constantly moving and shifting during travel. Many people blow this off because they use the bedliner to cover the damage, but that won’t help you in the long term. Didn’t you purchase a bedliner to protect your truck? Instead, the drop-in bedliner is just creating more damage. Fact: Durabak actually works to prevent scratches from forming in the first place. That’s because our unique formulation doesn’t slide around or rub against the bed of your truck.

Reason #2: Moisture

Debris is public enemy number one when it comes to your truck bed. Do you know what that drop-in liner is really good at? Trapping debris! When debris is left to sit underneath the bedliner it blocks the moisture from escaping. What does that moisture lead to? That’s right – rust! Fact: Durabak doesn’t allow any debris to get underneath your bedliner so you don’t have to worry about moisture or rust.

Reason #3: Drainage

It’s okay to have water in the bed of your truck, that isn’t an issue. Your truck’s bed was meant to get wet and designed to drain properly as well. That’s why you’ll notice the drain holes that were built-in. Drop-in bedliners have a way of trapping that water from escaping by blocking access to these important holes. When that water sits on the bed, you can expect rotting and decaying of the truck. Fact: Durabak doesn’t block your drain holes and allows the water to flow naturally.

Don’t Install a Plastic Bedliner in a Truck

Now you know the main reasons not to install a plastic bedliner in a truck. Now what? Without this simple option available to “protect” the bed of your truck, what should you do? The answer is simple – use Durabak. It’s easy to apply and can be done by anyone. It won’t cause scratches to the bed or allow moisture to build up leading to rust and damage. In fact, Durabak only has your truck’s best interests at heart. With Durabak's bedliner paint, you receive weather and heat resistant protection. It is also UV resistant, durable for years to come and features a non-slip texture. You don’t need to worry about rust, chipping or peeling with our special formula. Don’t take our word for it! Trust the others who have used it like the US Navy, Kenworth and Morgan.

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