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Want to Get Rid of That Carpeting? Replacing Carpet with Non-Slip Paint

Here at Durabak, our primary goal is to empower our customers through providing them with the resources they need to create impactful DIY projects and bring about real improvement. We were inspired to hear from Brian, a Durabak-user from Washington State who was working on a project to resurface a staircase of his. Looking to replace the preexisting carpeting that covered the steps, the question was how to get the job done.

Brian chose to use Durabak protective coating, which when applied functions very well as a resurfacing material for flooring, roofing, and other home-improvement projects. Guess what - he loved the results. He cited that the application offered great traction, was highly visible, durable, and easy to maintain.

Keep reading to see the full statement Brian sent us after seeing his completely reinvented staircase come to life, all made possible by Durabak.

“Dear David, Please find attached a couple of pictures of one of our Durabak projects. These stair treads were wrapped with carpeting for over 10 years. I couldn't find a picture that showed how bad the carpeting looked but we live in the boondocks of the desert in Eastern WA state. With a bit of imagination, you can probably imagine how impossible it is to keep the carpet clean in a dry dusty environment.  A plan to replace carpet was challenging. Tile or other solid surface material would all require an edging for the nose of the tread. We could not find one that didn't look "industrial".  The Durabak product presented no challenge to applying a continuous coat from the tread top to the bottom of the tread nose. While the treads are wood and have a nice grain, we didn't think sanded and urethaned treads would provide enough traction for safety, or not have to be refinished every two or three years. Basically, your product met all of our requirements: Great traction, highly visible, durable, and easy to maintain. The tan color has a warm tone that closely matched our maple trim so it looks good too. Maybe not as good as finished wood, but after two years of heavy traffic, your product still looks as good as it did right after it dried. We were concerned about cleaning but have found that a brush attachment on the vacuum is normally all that is required for removing dirt and dust.  Every two or three months, a quick going over with a scrub brush and water, then drying with a microfiber mop will brighten the treads to their original luster.  Waaaay easier than using a carpet cleaner.     Thank You.” -Brian Gustin

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