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Upgrade your CM Truck Bed

If you have a flat bed truck bed from CM Truck Beds or anyone else, this article is for you.

Unlike standard truck beds that either do or don’t get a lot of use and abuse, flat beds are there for a reason. No matter what you haul around, your flat bed is getting a lot of wear and maybe even tear. Flat beds are great for their strength and flexibility, they increase storage area and have hundreds of advantages. However, after a few years of heavy loads, sharp and hard cargo and exposure to the elements the fine shine of powder coat can start to lose the fight.

Better Protection

If you’re interested in upgrading the protection of your truck’s flatbed this article is for you. If you want to maintain the metalwork and keep it rust and scratch free for your truck or a whole fleet then read on.

Some of the best selling truck beds in the country are powder coated which makes them look great and even withstands a certain amount of abuse. Yet if you want to upgrade the bed and make it last way longer, add grip to hold your load in place and add real scratch resistance you need Durabak.


Durabak is a unique one part polyurethane coating which is applied just like paint. Durabak is not paint tho. Durabak cures to form a thick “rubberlike” surface that protects the truck from corrosion, saltwater spray, inclement weather, rust, scratches and even dents. Durabak is so tough that it’s used by the US Navy on the decks of their Nuclear powered Aircraft Carriers!

The Durabak 18 is UV resistant so it will last whatever the weather, plus it’s available in 16 colors so you can not only change the look of your truck, but you can even design something awesome and unique! Textured Durabak does a great job of gripping onto your cargo to prevent it sliding across the bed, it’s also helpful when you need to walk on it when wet and don’t want to take a tumble. Take a look at the options of our truck bed liner paint here.


Durabak is super easy to use, anyone ca achieve professional results with it. When you purchase Durabak you pick the color and texture, so that you don’t need to add anything in the can. Durabak is one part, so you don’t even have to pour in hardener or reducer, it is moisture cured and will set all by itself with exposure to the air.

Durabak bonds to most materials including metal, aluminum, wood, fiberglass and painted surfaces. For your truck bed you’ll just need to clean it up with a thorough wash, use Spic and Span or another non-chlorinated detergent, then sand it down with 80 grit and wipe down with Xylene. That’s all the prep that’s necessary. Once the Xylene is dry and the bed is perfectly clean you can roll on the Durabak yourself. After an hour or two the first coat will be touch dry and you can apply the second coat.

Give it a whole day to dry and then wait another 4 days before you start the heavy use. After 4 days the Durabak will be locked into your bed and won’t lift, chip or peel for many many years. Lengthening the lifetime of your truck or the entire fleet.


To speak to a Durabak expert about how much Durabak you need or any other question give us a call on 303-690-7190 or chat with experts live on our website




Click here to discover the excellent color and texture options Durabak has to offer.

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