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Truck Bed Liner Cost Comparison: What Is The Best Value Bed Liner?

In this article we'll take a look at several different truck bed liner cost comparisons and product features. Ultimately this article aims to answer the question 'What is the best value bed liner?' Before you make any purchase you want to examine all your options and determine the total cost. Doing work to your truck isn't any different. It is always wise to know what something is going to cost and how much work it is going to take before committing to that path. It's no different when you are looking to add a bed liner to your truck. Spending time analyzing the costs and features of different products will help you make an informed decision about the choice you are going to make. Let's take a look at the Line-X, Rhino liner, Durabak and the Pendaliner bed liner costs and features. 

My Quotes

Contacting one installer wasn’t going to give me an accurate result, so I went ahead and requested several quotes from numerous installers using different brands. The results I've listed below are an average of several installers I spoke with. For test purposes, I used a 2016 Ford F-150 Truck with a 6.5' bed. Below are the Ford F-150 Bed liner cost comparison results I received.


Durabak is the best of the DIY bed liners, it's one part so it's by far the easiest to apply and it's uniquely strong and resilient which means it lasts way longer than the others. A gallon of the Durabak Textured Bed Liner is going to cost me $129.95 for the same vehicle I had quoted above.


My purchase also comes with two free 4-inch stipple roller covers. The best part about this is that I don’t have to go anywhere to have it installed. That means no paying some installer who doesn't care as much as I do about my truck. Durabak is super simple to apply. First you clean the bed, then sand it 80 grit and wipe down with Xylene. 1 gallon gives two coats which is already super tough, but I can always add more coats. Application is simple, there's nothing to mess up and my truck never has to leave my driveway.

Durabak truck bed liners are water resistant, flexible, sound dampening, chemical and UV-resistant. It's also resistant to flaking and peeling and the texture offers anti-slip protection. So my cargo won't slide around and bang into the bed every time I take a turn. You can customize your Durabak truck bed liner to any thickness you desire. This special formula can be applied by just about anyone, so no additional costs to factor in. Plus, you can apply it one day and drive the truck the next day. Maintenance is simple, just clean with soap and water. You don't need to purchase additional conditioners to keep your truck bed liner looking great. Oh, and there are 16, mixable, colors to choose from.


The Line-X cost averaged around $450 for parts and installation. They wanted me to upgrade to the premium black for another $100, or match the color of my vehicle for an additional $300. That means I would've paid an average of $750 if I wanted the bed liner to match my truck. Another thing to keep in mind is that Line-X recommends using a revitalizing spray on a continual basis in order to keep the liner looking new. This is going to be an added and ongoing cost for the life of the liner.

The Rhino Liner

Cost averaged around $455 for parts and installation. Not all authorized sellers had the same equipment to spray in this bed liner, so they get applied differently from one installer to the next. It would seem that the results could vary based on how the installer applies the bed liner. Rhino liners are soft and squishy feeling, not like a typical bed liner. This brand also recommends using the revitalizing spray on a continual basis to keep the liner looking new. That means more money in the future.

The Pendaliner Bed liner

Pendaliner-drop-in-bed-liner The Pendaliner cost averaged around $170 for parts and installation. The thing to keep in mind about this option is that Pendaliner is a drop-in liner, not a spray-in. Price wise, I can't really compare this because I would rather use a more permanent option.

The main concern is that water can become easily trapped in between the steel and plastic in your bed.  When this happens, it can lead to rust issues in the future and destroy your truck with hidden corrosion that you won't even know about till it's too late. 

They also have a tendency to break or become loosened over time.  If you accidentally snag the edge of the liner while moving items around, you could end up pulling a portion of it up. This becomes nearly impossible to fix, and it will be easier at that point to purchase a new liner altogether.

Other Considerations

You must keep in mind that a spray in bed liner can vary in price depending what region you are located in. For example, when I called to locations in the state of Texas, I found quotes for hundreds of dollars less than some other areas. If I wanted to have it done in the New York City area, I am probably going to pay hundreds of dollars more. Some of the installers were very excited to have me come in and get the job done immediately. There were also the shops that generally had lower prices, which concerned me slightly about the quality of work. I've read several times that a spray-in truck bed liner quality is going to be 90% installation. If the installation is done wrong, the liner isn’t going to last. I've also read horror stories about installation jobs gone wrong. Just take a minute and search the web for installation stories. It’s a little scary! Most of the installers wanted me to wait about 4 days for the appointment. That seemed like a much more reasonable time frame to make an appointment. Believe it or not, there were several installers that did not respond to my calls or emails for service. As far as the time needed for installation I also received varying degrees of answers. A few installers stated that it would take about half a day. It might be worth mentioning that these are the same installers who said they could take me right away. Most of the installers asked to have my truck for an average of a day, which seemed reasonable, but honestly, I don't want to part with my truck for a day, do you?


Durabak is More Than a Bed Liner

I know that we are discussing bed liner costs, but it is important to note that all of the earlier companies are just bed liners. You will go to the installer, have the bed liner put in and have nothing left to use for any other purpose. That isn't the case with Durabak. You purchase the gallon and you get to keep it after installation. Durabak adheres to itself extremely well, so not only can you use the extra bedliner to build up a thicker protective coating. That also means that down the line if you decide to do some welding in your truck or manage to damage the Durabak you can just order a quart and patch it up, and it'll look like new. If you have some leftover, or want to purchase extra, there are numerous uses for it that make it that much more amazing. Consider these different applications for using your Durabak:
  • Boats – Use this inside, outside and underneath your boat to create a stunning and long-lasting finish.
  • Ramps – Apply Durabak on ramps to reduce slippage.
  • Steps – The textured application of Durabak will create a non-slip surface on concrete, metal and wooden steps.
  • Side Steps on Truck – You can use Durabak to create a non-slip surface on your truck steps.
  • Heavy Equipment – Durabak isn’t just for your pickup truck. Many receive benefits from using Durabak on their heavy equipment.
  • Horse Trailers – Durabak can create an upgrade and non-slip surface to your horse trailer.

Ready to Get Durabak for Your Truck Bed?

If you are ready to save money compared to the hundreds or thousands you could spend on comparable products it is time to contact Durabak. There are 18 colors to ensure you can get a color that matches your style. Remember, Durabak isn't just for trucks! You can use it on the boat and hundreds of other everyday purposes.


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  • I am interested in applying a bed liner in a 2016 gmc sierra shirt bed. Can you send me an approximate cost and application instructions

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