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Step By Step: How To Apply Durabak Bed Liner Paint the Right Way

A Durabak Bed Liner Paint is an easy way to protect your truck bed from any sort of damage. However, some people might be intimidated by how to apply the paint. This should never be the case being that Durabak’s Bed Liner Paint is easy to apply and completely worth it. You can use it everywhere. It protects inside, outside and underneath against rocks, rust, scrapes, dings and loads of cargo that your truck or 4-wheel vehicle will endure. Durabak truck bed liner is water resistant, flexible, sound dampening, chemical and UV resistant. Resistant to flaking and peeling, its special texture also offers excellent anti-slip protection and Durabak can be built up to any thickness. Here is the step by step on how to apply Durabak Bed Liner Paint the right way: The first thing that you have to make sure to do is clean the bed liner of your truck: 1. Sweep Dirt From The Liner Using a brush or a broom, sweep out any dust or debris from the bed liner to make the cleaning process easier. Make sure to get into all the corners and hard to reach areas to get all of the dirt. Using a small hand brush works well for this. 2. Spray The Bed Liner With Water Now, use a water sprayer to clean your truck. A pressure washer is a good tool to use at this point. After the bed is completely sprayed, you can either spray all of the dirt and water out of the truck or use a broom to sweep out the excess water and dirt. 3. Wash The Bed Altogether Once all of the debris are washed out, you can use a cleaner to wash the bed liner. Any household detergents or car washing soap will do for this; just make sure they do not contain chemicals that will harm the truck. Durabak recommends to use Spic n Span, as an example, which does not contain any chlorine. Use a towel or stiff bristle brush to scrub stains or tough dirt on the surface of the bed liner. 4. Rinse And Dry The Liner Use the pressure washer once again to spray off all of the soap and rinse the liner. All corners should be properly sprayed. Once everything is washed, put the bed liner in the sun to dry or use a dry towel to wipe down the bed liner. Make sure bed liner is completely dry before moving to the next step. 5. Apply The Paint Just open the can of paint and apply to the bed liner. Brush, roll, or spray on this “do-it-yourself” truck bed liner coating. There is nothing else that needs to be mixed into the paint. This special user-friendly formula can be applied by just about anyone! Cover all areas of the bed liner with the paint, making sure to get those hard to reach spots. Ideally, apply a double coat for best protection. Conclusion Any time you need to wash your bed liner again, just repeat steps 1-4. Your truck will be fully protected from any damages with your new Bed Liner Paint!

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