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Steel Road Plate Slip Resistance

It is now a legal requirement to make sure that Steel Road Plates and other plates that are used to cover open roadwork trenches are treated for slip resistance. In NYC that means "“have a skid-resistant surface equal to or greater than the adjacent existing street or roadway surface.".

It's good for business too. Cyclists, bikers, pedestrians, cars and even mom's pushing baby carriages could slip, fall and yes, sue. It is your responsibility to make sure that any work done under your auspices on the public thoroughfare are done according to the law. 

It is common and predictable for outdoor flooring to get wet from rain and slippery from leaks and spills that are commonplace on the roads. Therefore it is your duty to take action to prevent slips and falls and skids to prove in court that you did your best to avoid any accidents.

Durabak paint is a popular solution for this problem. Durabak 18 is ideal for steel road plates and can be applied to road plates of any material. Durabak forms a layer of polyurethane slip resistant coating on the road plates, the crumb rubber granules in the Durabak 18 Textured give a high level of grip.

Durabak 18 is very hard wearing so you need not worry about it wearing out halfway through the project. Available in 16 colors including Black, Orange, Safety Yellow and Bright Red you can be sure to protect your steel road plates and their users well in advance of their contact.

Use 3M blue painter's take to mark the edges or road marking with white, yellow, orange or red Durabak.

So, if you are looking for skid resistant paint for steel road plates or want to recoat road plates with worn out slip resistance you should give Durabak 18 a try. You can find application instructions for metal and concrete here and you can chose from our color selection here.

One of the reasons you'll appreciate Durabak so much is that it's easy to use. Durabak can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on the road plates. Prep is simple too, scuff the surface or sandblast to get a 40 grit scuff, then spray with Zinc Phosphate. You can then spray or roll the Durabak on 12-24 hours later. 

Durabak can be applied by anyone with standard equipment and get professional results.

If you're using this plate in very high traffic areas, or near a junction or traffic light where you expect an excessive amount of road-wear, you can build up Durabak as thick as you like. Just wait for the last coat to be touch dry and you can go as thick as you like. If you're rushing you can mix in the Durabak accelerator to half the curing time.

You should find that Durabak lasts a very long time. A cargo ship transporting cars from South Korea has Durabak applied on the car ramp, with 13,200 cars driving over it each trip. The company wrote us a special note of thanks about how the Durabak still looks and performs perfectly after 9 years! Then there's the US Navy which uses Durabak on their decks, like the decks of all their Nuclear Aircraft Carriers - so you don't need to worry about resilience.

If you have any questions about Durabak, it's technical specs, US Navy Mil Spec tests, or how to apply it please either chat us on this site or call 303-690-7190


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