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How to Secure Cargo in a Pickup Truckbed

Whether you are moving a new leather couch, starting a home renovation project or bringing home the groceries, you need to know how to secure cargo in a pickup truck. When you transport cargo, you risk losing the contents or damaging the load, if it’s not secured properly. Thankfully, there are lots of options on the market to secure your load. With just a little money and minimal effort, you can keep others safe and protect your items. Just implement some of our cargo-securing ideas.

secure cargo in a pickup truck

Tip #1 – Use a Ratchet Tie-Down

Many pickups have tie-down points in the bed. They might be D-rings or post holes. A ratchet tie-down system will fit all of these and properly secure your cargo. Once you load the bed of your pickup, take the tie-down and put it through the anchor points. Then, loop it across the cargo and insert the tip of the strap into the metal centerpiece. From here, you can tighten the ratchet for a secure hold. If you need to, you can always install tie-down anchors in the truck bed floor. You simply screw them directly to the truck bed.

Tip #2 – Use a Cargo Net

There will be items you haul that aren’t easy to tie-down. Consider transporting insulation, which easily flies away. The best way to secure lightweight cargo in a pickup truck is to use a cargo net. Simply snap the retainer clips into the truck bed anchor points and cover your load. Another option is to completely secure your truck bed with a Tonneau cover, tonneau covers come in all types and prices but any decent one will make sure that loose cargo doesn't fly away.

Tip #3 – Pickup Bed Organizer

Pickup bed storage comes in many shapes and sizes, you can try anything from a cargo nets the go across the width of your truck bed to Trunk organizers, there's a few great products out there like the LoadHandler CargoCatch Truck Organizer and the Tuff Truck Heavy Duty Waterproof Bag which are all really nice ways to hold your grocery shopping bags in place.

Tip #4 – Don’t Neglect the Value of Toolboxes

Toolboxes and storage systems have more uses than holding tools. They are capable of carrying many other forms of small cargo. You can use every inch of your truck bed toolbox when transporting goods, but a big toolbox can set you back hundreds if not even thousands of dollars! In addition to using a toolbox, you should always keep a large cooler in the bed of your truck. This makes it simple to bring home groceries, especially on a warm day. It will also keep the beer cold.

Tip #5 – Durabak to Secure Cargo in a Pickup Truck

While bed liner might not be your first thought when it comes to securing cargo in a pickup truck, it should be! Textured Durabak grips your load to keep it from sliding around in the bed. It’s U.S. Navy approved and is constructed with slip-resistant rubber granules that form a bumpy and grippy surface coating on your truck bed floor. Not only will the Durabak protect your truck bed from knocks and bumps, scratches and abuse but the grip of the polyurethane and the texture of the crumb rubber granules will actually HOLD items in place on the bed of the truck. Instead of toolboxes or 5 gallon paint cans sliding around, denting the walls and scratching up the paintwork, Durabak will give those heavy items a firm grip and hold them in place as you accelerate, stop and turn your Truck. The best part is, anyone can apply Durabak. It doesn’t take any special skills to spray, roll or paint your truck bed with Durabak. With just a little work, you can effectively protect your cargo and keep your truck bed safe from wear. Did we mention that truck beds painted with Durabak also look pretty sharp? It is our mission to protect your valuable investment. Give us a call at 303-690-7190 to discuss your next project.

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