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Protecting a Semi Truck with Durabak

Nothing makes a Semi Truck look better and last longer than a coating of Durabak!

This post is going to be the contents of a few emails we got from Rob Richardson a Truck Driver based out of WI.

"Recently, my wife contacted you about a semi truck that I had painted entirely in Durabak-18.  The painting process took place back in August 2016.  These are the "before" and "during" shots of the painting process.  I needed a paint that was durable, low maintenance, and could be applied without the expensive paint shop and associated equipment. 

The fact that the semi was too large to fit in the garage played a large part in the paint selection criteria.  You may notice from the pictures that the entire painting process took place outdoors.  Being outdoors in the wind meant that spraying paint was out of the question.  Rain days and dew in the mornings meant that moisture was an ongoing factor.  I also had to contend with the bugs, dust, flying debris, birds...well you get the picture.  Considering all this, Durabak-18 became the obvious choice.

semi truck before Durabak applicationsemi truck prior to Durabak applicationsemi truck oldsemi truck bad paint

The hood, bumper, and fairings are painted with textured black.  The cab is painted in smooth white.  The frame (not seen in the photos) is painted in smooth black.  As you can see from the pictures, this is a working truck that sees all kinds of weather and job site conditions.  Snow, dirt, and flying rocks are the daily fare for this truck.  Road life has not been kind to the paint work.

Durabak coated semiTextured Durabak on Semi TruckTextured Durabak protecting Semi Truckbed liner coating on Semi truck

Here are some pics I've taken throughout the years.  The picture with the oversize banner covering the bumper was taken in 2019.  As you can see, the truck still looks bad ass.  This rig gets attention everywhere I go.  Everybody loves the look, even when it's dirty (which is often).  The star of the show is always the black textured hood.  Remember the rocks and flying debris I mentioned?  The old paint job was riddled with rock chips and debris damage.  Not only did the Durabak hide the debris and rock damage (as well as some other previous "repairs" made to the hood), but to this day I have yet to find any rock damage on the painted surfaces.  I know the rocks are still flying because I've replaced the windshield several times since the paint work.  

Durabak Truck Paint

To sum it up, I am impressed.  I would like to help spread the word about this fabulous product."
bedliner on Semi TruckSemi Truck with Custom Durabak Paint JobSemi Truck with DIY Anti-Scratch paint jobSemi Truck with Life Extending Paint job
So to sum it all up, Durabak is a great investment if you want to protect your Semi truck, make it last longer, look better and be way cool. Durabak's semi truck paint is the best way to protect it from the never-ending roadway barrage that will attack and destroy any standard paint job.

Durabak is built to last and will protect your vehicle for years to come, it's probably the best investment you can make in your semi truck.

Durabak Truck Paint

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