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Prevent Sun Damage to Your Truck

When you spend time out in the sun, you know the effect it has on your skin. Your truck is no different. It sits in the sun day in and day out, so it’s no wonder that the color begins to fade and the paint starts to chip. We are going to fill you in on how to prevent sun damage to your truck so that you can protect your investment. Prevent Sun Damage to Your Truck

Prevent Sun Damage to Your Truck – Interior Tips

Whether you know it or not, the interior of your truck takes a real beating in sunlight. Here are some ways to prevent sun damage. Park your truck in the shade – This is the easiest way to protect it. By removing the direct sunlight, you prevent cracking and drying. You could also crack the window to let out some of the heat if you are in a safe environment to do so. Use a sun protector – While they may look out of place in your manly truck, they are great at preventing sun damage to the interior. They’re also easy to use. Wipe the interior with a microfiber cloth – Dirt and dust cause scratches on your dash. Over time, these scratches become worse. That’s why you want to remove all dirt or dust with a soft, microfiber cloth. You may also consider a low-gloss detailing product which adds further protection. Protect your leather seats – Using a conditioner on your seats protects them from heat and sun. Make sure they remain clean and apply your conditioner often. Install seat covers – You know how warm your seats feel when you first get in. That’s damaging to the fabric. Install some seat covers and you’ll protect your seats and your bottom.

Prevent Sun Damage to Your Truck – Exterior Tips

The exterior of your truck sits in the sun all day and receives the grunt of the abuse. That’s why you want to follow these tips to prevent sun damage to your truck. Wash it regularly – The heat and sun fade your paint over time. It will even crack eventually. By washing the truck on a regular basis, and hand drying it, you remove the dust and dirt that lead to scratches. Wax the truck – When you’re finished washing it, you’ll want to protect the truck from ultraviolet rays with a quality wax. Watch your tires – You might not immediately think of tire damage as a result of the sun, but it’s common. Underinflated tires combined with the hot pavement are a deadly combination. It could lead to a blowout. Even a good set of tires often loses about a pound of air each month, so you want to check them regularly. Apply a protective coating – The best way to protect your paint is with a polyurethane coating. Durabak's truck paint It will provide a UV shield for your paint and also resist heat and weather damage.

Prevent Sun Damage to Your Truck – Under the Hood Tips

Many people only think to protect the exterior and interior of the truck, but there’s so much more involved. With the sun comes heat that can easily harm components of your truck. Consider these tips to prevent sun damage to your truck. Cooling system protection – You need to ensure that your engine doesn’t overheat. Keep it in top working order by having the belts checked often. You’ll also want to drain and replace your antifreeze on a consistent basis. Just follow the schedule supplied by the truck manufacturer. Don’t forget the other fluids – There are many fluids you need to take care of. When they run low as a result of evaporation or leakage, you could hit some trouble. Check your power steering fluid, oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid. Top them off when needed and replace them as your manual recommends. Air conditioning – Not only will your air conditioning keep you comfortable, but it also keeps you alert behind the wheel. If your cabin isn’t cooling off, have it checked out by a professional. Battery performance – The higher temperatures of summer and spiked accessory loads from air conditioning surely take a toll on your battery life. That’s why you want to check the charging system often to ensure it functions properly. It’s wiser to get a new battery before it dies than get stuck in the Walmart parking lot.

Final Say

Your truck is an investment that needs to be protected. Whether it’s on the top of the line car wash, seat covers or paint protection, your truck deserves the best. The better you treat it today, the better it will take care of you in the future. Take the time to prevent sun damage to your truck and you’ll find yourself in good shape when you go to sell in a few years.

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