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Ideas for a Custom Paint Job for your Jeep Wrangler

Anyone that owns a Jeep Wrangler knows that it is a unique vehicle separate from all other SUVs or trucks. There is just no class to put the famous off-road capability in. Whether you’re cutting through streams or rolling over boulders, you know how special your Wrangler is. That’s why we’ve created some ideas for a custom paint job for your Jeep Wrangler. By creating a unique and exciting custom Jeep, you’ll have even more to be proud of. Not only will other owners want to talk to you at the nationwide events, but you’ll also look mean while tackling those off-road trails. Here are some of our favorite choices found from around the Internet.

Custom Paint Job #1 – Copper and Black

The first custom paint job for your Jeep Wrangler includes this copper and black color combination. This was done on a 1978 Jeep CJ7 Soa and even offers a slight Halloween feel to it. If you wanted to, this combination would look good with a brighter orange hue as well. Custom Paint Job for your Jeep Wrangler photo credit

Custom Paint Job #2 – Mean Beast

Nothing says mean and tough like creating a custom paint job for your Jeep Wrangler. The blend of black and red with this option create a Jeep that shouldn’t be messed with. Adding the trail doors with webbing just takes that to a whole new level. This Jeep is clearly capable of off-road adventures and has no problem boasting of it.Custom Paint Job for Your Jeep Wrangler 2 photo credit

Custom Paint Job #3 – US Mail Tribute

This Jeep takes the term “going postal” to a whole new level. It started with a 2008 White Wrangler X but ended up with many additions that created this unique off-roader. Some of the additions included a 4.5-inch painted Rubicon Express Long Arm lift, 37.5 Nitto Mud Grapplers and of course, the postal paint job. Overall this Jeep will run faster and higher than your stock Jeep and it looks good doing it.Custom Paint Job for Your Jeep Wrangler 3 photo credit   

Custom Paint Job #4 – Bright & Vibrant

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the look and feel that speaks to you. With the endless array of colors available at your fingertips, you truly can create anything that reflects your personality. With this Jeep, the owner wanted a vibrant purple that was unlike anything others have. What they achieved was something special, to say the least.Custom Paint Job for Your Jeep Wrangler 4 photo credit

Custom Paint Job #5 – Digital Camo Hunting Jeep

Here’s an example of a Jeep that was painted professionally and modified to be the ideal hunting vehicle. The camo pattern was a three-layer design that used deep hunter green for an accent. Imagine running to this out on the road!Custom Paint Job for Your Jeep Wrangler 5 photo credit

Unsure What Products to Use?

If you are currently considering a custom paint job for your Jeep Wrangler, you might want to give some thought to using Durabak's paint. Our product isn’t just a tough bed liner but also doubles as a great exterior coating for your Jeep as well. With over 18 colors to choose from and the UV resistant protection you want, Durabak is sure to meet your unique Jeep Wrangler needs. Companies like the U.S. Navy and Morgan Truck depend on our product and so should you! Give us a call or write to us today and let’s see what we can help you create.

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