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How to Resurface the Deck of Your Boat with Protective Coating

Want to make your renovations easy-to-do, long lasting, and looking great when they’re done? Then just ask Dennis, our customer from Arizona who recently sent us details on a second project where he used Durabak’s protective coating to create great results. Dennis was working on restructuring the deck of his houseboat, aiming to make it more supportive and sturdy. To help him get the job done, we sent him our protective coating, which functions very well as a resurfacing material for flooring, roofing, and other projects. After applying layers of our product to reinforce its durability, the deck is now totally reinvented and ready to hit the waves.

These are the pictures and a testimonial Dennis sent us after he successfully re-decked his houseboat, all made possible by Durabak's boat paint.

“Hi David,

Here is the other Durabak project mentioned previously. 

January 2014 I completely re-decked our 1980 Kayot houseboat. The original plywood deck was covered with a non-skid marine fabric/covering. Over the years water had degraded the plywood until it developed holes and became completely unsafe. 

All original decking was removed. New plywood was cut and pre-fitted. Then the new plywood decking pieces were removed, undersides painted gray and then top sides and edges coated with gray Durabak UV coating with a nonskid additive. 

The coated decking pieces were then installed and bolted in place. A final coating of Durabak was laid down to cover bolts and add thickness. 

The finished photos are after 2 seasons of use. Still holding up well after heavy abuse. Very tough, durable coating, no fading, virtually indestructible and cool on bare feet. Highly recommended for houseboat decking, superior to the carpet which has to be replaced often.”


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