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How to Remove Plastic Bedliner

If you have a plastic bedliner in your truck and you want to remove it, there are some steps you’ll want to take to protect your vehicle. Some people remove plastic bedliner when they want to clean underneath. You might also need to remove the plastic bedliner if you are ready to upgrade to a spray-in bedliner. Either way, get yourself prepared with a few hand tools and some help from a friend.

Remove Plastic Bedliner Steps

Here are the steps to take when you are ready to remove plastic bedliner.
  1. Open your tailgate and crawl into the bed. Find the Phillips-head screws located around the liner. These secure it to the bed. You should find them along the top of the bed rail plus around the perimeter of your tailgate.
  2. Make sure you unscrew all of them both on the bedliner and on the tailgate liner. You’ll need a Phillips-head screwdriver to accomplish this.
  3. Lift your tailgate liner off the truck with your hands. Place it off to the side where it is safe.
  4. Push your side panels on the bedliner together with your hands. These will be the areas closest to the tailgate. Have your friend help you lift the bedliner out of the truck’s bed through the tailgate hole.
You drop-in bedliner might use circle cups or four small clips instead which are located near the top of each rail. If you have this design, you’ll need to be careful to remove them as well.

Warnings When You Remove Plastic Bedliner

We can’t stress enough how careful you need to be when you remove a plastic bedliner. First of all, there’s a good chance you’re going to find numerous scratches under that liner. That’s why we recommend that you never install a plastic bedliner in a truck. Once you remove the liner, you might be facing some repairs before you can do anything else. Be prepared for this. You can also easily scratch the truck bed during the removal, so you’ll want to move slowly. Furthermore, you need to be careful when uninstalling or reinstalling your liner. It’s easy to catch your fingers under the side rails. The lips are sharp and will quickly cut your fingers. In addition, when you reinstall the plastic liner, it’s easy to get your fingers stuck under the lip. It would be wise to do this with the help of a professional in order to protect yourself.

What’s the Better Solution?

If you are removing the plastic bedliner in your truck, it’s time to upgrade. You deserve better protection that doesn’t require removal. Durabak comes in over 18 colors, so there’s something perfect for your truck bedliner. In addition, anyone can apply it and it’s resistant to weather, heat plus UV damage. You can expect your liner to last through the long-haul with you. With the non-slip texture, you can easily hold all your cargo in place. Our formula also protects your truck bed from abrasion and impact. Just ask the U.S. Navy – they use it for their equipment. If it’s good enough for them, you know it’s ideal for your truck as well. Contact us today and we’ll help you protect your precious investment.

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