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How to Fix the Floor of Your RV Travel Trailer: A Case Study

This past week, we got some great feedback from one of our customers in Arizona, Dennis. Dennis had reached out to us a while back for help on resurfacing the floor of a used toy-hauler trailer he had recently purchased, hoping our liner product could be used to get the job done. We sent him our protective coating, which functions very well as a resurfacing material for flooring, roofing, and other projects. Dennis applied our product, and just a few weeks later, his trailer's decrepit floor is brand new and sturdier than ever. This is a testimonial Dennis sent us upon completion of refortifying his trailer’s floor, all made possible by Durabak's RV paint.

“Hi David,

I have 2 Durabak projects that turned out awesome.  I have photos for the latest one here.  Will send the photos for the 1st project (houseboat) when I get some pics of the finished product.

5th Wheel Toy Hauler Floor

Bought a used 15-year-old Toy Hauler last year.  The original sheet vinyl floor was covered with a second layer of peel n stick vinyl tiles.  There were several missing tiles and many of them were chipped/damaged.

After having success with Durabak product for our houseboat decking, we decided to give it a try on the 5th wheel trailer.  We wanted something that would look good but be tough/durable enough to stand up to hauling UTVs, motorcycles, golf carts etc.  

We stripped out the existing two layers of vinyl flooring.  Fortunately, the original vinyl was not glued so we had good virgin OSB flooring to work with.

Had to repair a 2'x3' rotted section of flooring.  Patched, spackled all screw holes and imperfections.  Sanded smooth in preparation for Durabak.

We went with the Tan Smooth UV-rated Durabak coating.  Had enough to do 2 complete coats (including the ramp) using 3/16' simulated mohair rollers.  Beautiful glossy finish.  

Very, very happy we went with Durabak.  Far superior to the original sheet vinyl flooring.  We've hauled our off-road toys around on the new floor and it has held up perfectly.  Black tire scuffs are easily removed with 409 cleaner or soap and water. 

My wife and I highly-recommend Durabak for anyone owning a toy hauler trailer looking to upgrade their flooring.  It requires some effort and attention to detail but the results are well worth it and will last for the life of the trailer.

Thanks for the great product!  Pics below.”


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