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How Much Does a Truck Bed liner Cost?

A truck is an important investment. In fact, many business owners and service providers depend on their trucks to stay successful. Hauling around pounds of lumber, steel and heavy duty equipment can take its toll on a truck bed, causing a significant amount of damage. Taking care of your truck’s bed is essential if you want to continue to rely on a vehicle that can perform well at every task. It can also increase its value when the time comes to sell or trade it in.

It’s for this reason that most truck owners want to invest in a product that will allow their beds to take a beating without causing problems. A bed liner is the best way to ensure that your truck stays in great shape for years to come. Unfortunately, with so many options available, making the right choice can be difficult, especially for budget conscious drivers who want the best return on their investments.  Here is some information about the choices available in the industry, so you can make the best choice for your unique needs.

Drop-In Bed liners

There are a wide variety of drop-in bed liners available on the market, from rubber mats and carpets to more common plastic models. Many people choose to install drop-in liners to save some cash. Prices for spray-on bed liners are often several hundred dollars, and drivers hope that not only will a drop-in cost less, but they may be able to reuse the liner when they decide to sell their truck. Prices range from $50 for a small tailgate mat to $500 for a complete deluxe plastic liner. While this idea is great in theory, many truck owners are disappointed to find out the consequences when they remove their liner.

Though it doesn’t occur in every situation, there are countless tales of drivers who have had their truck beds completely rusted out due to sand, water or salt deposits being trapped between the liner and the bed. If you live near the ocean or in an environment with a lot of sand or rain, you might find that you’ll need to replace the entire truck bed before reselling. This kind of extensive damage could end up costing thousands of dollars, far more than the amount saved by installing a drop-in bed liner.

Spray-On Bed liners

Truck owners who wish to avoid potential damage from drop-in liners will normally choose to get a spray-on liner instead. This is a good option for drivers who want a custom fit and are willing to go the extra mile to protect their truck bed. However, the cost of these bed liners widely varies depending on your location and the availability of local installers (i.e averages around $800 and can be as high as $1200).

Spray bedliners require exhaustive preparation of the metal before applying. Skipping any part of the extensive preparation process could result in a damaged or unreliable liner. Unfortunately, inexperienced or less ethical installers may incorrectly prep or choose to leave out a few steps, favoring speed of service over quality. This variability in quality despite the sizeable price point is a concern, especially, considering the more affordable DIY-options of spray in bed liner that are available.

A Better Solution

If you like to save money and be in control of the quality of installation, Durabak has created the perfect solution. A Durabak bed liner can be easily applied by the owner who will receive the same benefits as spray-on liners, without the high cost. This versatile product is not only great for creating the perfect custom bed liner, but can be used for many different projects where protection and slip prevention is necessary. The polyurethane liner can be applied with a roller, brush or sprayer and provides the best defense against sun damage, rust, scratches and dents. The textured coating contains rubber made from recycled tires, and helps keep heavy loads from sliding around your truck bed.

Are You Ready to Use Durabak for Your Truck Bed? Get the Protection You Need Today

Prices start at only $119.95 per gallon. Many satisfied customers cite that Durabak saved them almost $1,000 from comparable products at leading spray-on brands. Durabak comes in both textured or smooth varieties, and has a wide range of color options. Durabak also works great as a boat deck coating, exterior scratch guard and hundreds of other practical uses. There’s no reason to risk damage to your truck bed any longer. Save money and time and get your own gallon of Durabak. If you want the best for your favorite truck, invest in Durabak.

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