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Go-Kart faster and safer on Durabak coated raceways

Go Karting is safer with highly slip resistant Durabak roadway coating on the asphalt.

Karting is surely one of the most enjoyable activities for kids. Having sat in the passenger seat of their parent’s car for countless hours, finally getting behind the wheel is an exhilarating rush. The thrill is only heightened by the high-speed races, competitive spirit and constant fear or spilling off the tracks.

But, and it’s a big but, go-karting can end up being a memorable experience for all the wrong reasons. Besides insurance and just general bad press, go karting needs to bolster its image for safety. Today’s kids are more precious than ever and their parents worry more than any previous generation. Assuaging their fears with a military spec non-slip coating can do wonders for confidence levels.

Go karts are designed to be impact friendly with highly rubberized, deflective bumpers. Tracks are lined with bouncy tire walls to absorb the energy of impacts and the karts actually feel much faster than they are because of their bare-bones, floor hugging construction.

Karting venues have discovered a new and innovative resource for maintaining their roadways. Instead of the inconvenience and expense of full asphalt resurfacing a product is now available that can be applied to the road like paint. 

One solution that is proving a game changer is using a non-skid coating used on marine vessels to fix go kart race tracks. “Durabak” is a liner used by the US Navy on the decks of their warships, including Aircraft carriers, and is preventing accidents on karting tracks. 

Durabak can coat tiny or huge areas for a minimum of inconvenience and a maximum of cost effectiveness.

Kart tracks can now be designed to look truly awesome with Durabak paint for karting surface available in 16 colors. Paint patterns, draw out lane markings, or race lines. 

Now tire walls can be painted to make them easier to see, and to add branding. Durabak will adhere extremely well to rubber tires and will not crack or peel even after repeated high speed impact.

Durabak is polyurethane so it flexes, stretches and bounces back no matter what gets thrown at it. One of the places where such a tough and indestructible coating is so valuable is a go-kart track where abuse is the name of the game. Parents should ask if the go-kart race track is coated with Durabak non-skid.

Durabak is available in a nice range of subdued and bright colors and is formulated for grip. Coming in smooth and textured versions, track owners can modify the levels of grip they want to achieve in different sections of the track by mixing and switching between the formulas. 

Durabak is simple to apply, as it’s a one-part moisture cured polyurethane, that can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on just like paint. With proper surface prep the Durabak will hold onto the road underneath and grip onto those small tires with ease. It’s super tough and can last years whilst looking spectacular and performing well.

With higher levels of grip and less power slides karting is not only safer but more fun, as tracks can be navigated safer at higher speeds where the ability of the driver is more important than the grip on the road. Driving over Durabak is like driving on rails, with handling and grip that you would usually only experience in an Italian supercar.

Because Durabak is so flexible and can adhere to almost anything it’s also become a popular way to repaint the go karts themselves. Brightening them up with an impact resistant paint that won’t peel or crack, instead it flexes and stretches so even after repeated impact it won’t show signs of abuse. 

For more information about how to apply Durabak yourself and save thousands with a Military Spec product used extensively by the US Navy get in touch with the Durabak Company today. Durabak - protecting the Navy AND your Kids.

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