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How to Extend the Life of Fleet Vehicles

 Learning from the Best

When the US Navy wants to protect their $8 Billion Dollar Nuclear Aircraft Carrier, so that it can serve the Military for many decades. They run the tests to make sure that only the very best products are used on this incredible piece of engineering, to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance.

Whilst a fleet of military naval vessels may bear little comparison to a fleet of motor vehicles you can do well to learn from the pros in the US Navy about how they protect expensive equipment.

Striving for the Best

A Fleet Manager who takes pride in his fleet and brings respect to his position is the king of his trade. When higher-ups in the company hear about a good looking fleet bringing pride to the company they know who to thank. A good manager knows that just keeping the vehicles running isn’t enough, but for maximum respect you have got to keep them looking good and new for as long as possible.

Whilst drivers know that they must not dent their vehicle for many reasons, what can you do, accidents happen. Maybe it isn’t their fault, but being on the road all day is just going to end up with scratches, dents and maybe worse.

Being the Best

The great news is that you can protect body panels, bumpers, arches and any part that is prone to get scratched or dented yourself.

By using a scientifically designed material to protect auto body parts from damage you can greatly increase the lifetime of those vehicles and keep them looking new and unscratched for longer.

Using the Best

Durabak 18 is the protective coating used by the US Navy on all 11 Nimitz Class Nuclear Aircraft Carriers and many other warships. Durabak is also perfect for protecting fleets, as it delivers unrivaled levels of protection.

Durabak is corrosionproof, waterproof, saltwaterproof, heat insulating, sound deadening, rustproof, scratchguard, oil chemical and acid proof, salt spray resistant, Fire retardant, UV resistant no fade, and more.

Durabak 18 is very easy to apply, you can use a roller, a spray gun or even a paint brush. It’s one part, so no mixing together ingredients at all. It’s available in 16 colors including a totally transparent colorless version. Durabak is available in both smooth and textured for extra protection, grip and scratch resistance. You can patch fix it at any point in the future as it bonds to itself and that means you can also build up much thicker layers if required.

Durabak is a specially formulated Polyurethane, which is a totally flexible rubber like protective coat. When bonded to body panels, Durabak gives them added flexibility and protection all in one. Whilst regular paint will just chip or crack on impact, Durabak will simply flex with the metal, it won’t come off and probably won’t even show a scratch. Durabak will leave the vehicle looking flawless. Imagine if the trucks were made out of rubber, what damage would dents and scratches do then? Well now you got the idea.

Durabak is the Best

Durabak is also affordable, as a DIY product that can be applied with no special equipment or training. Durabak truly pays for itself many times over by extending the life of the fleet.

Durabak will also last, and last and last to stay looking new for a very long time.

Why not try it out? Order a gallon of Durabak Paint and test it out on a single vehicle, you can apply it yourself with ease, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Order Durabak now and up your fleet game today.

Click here to discover the excellent color and texture options Durabak has to offer.

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