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Durabak Vs Rhino Liner: 5 Reasons Why Durabak is Better

Many people wonder about the difference between Rhino Liner and Durabak. After all a truck is an important investment so naturally you are looking for the best way to protect, personalize and enhance your truck. Which product is better? Durabak is here to help. Durabak wants you to have only the best.

Durabak Is Better Value

Durabak bed liners cost between $90 and $140. Rhino liner bed liners cost averages at $455 for the parts and installation!

Durabak is Easier to Apply

Aside from the price difference, Durabak liners are fast and easy to be installed in your truck. Rhino liner bed liners require specialized equipment to spray on, which costs more, and takes longer. Go with Durabak and save your time and energy!

Durabak is Longer-lasting

Rhino liners recommend using a 'revitalizing spray' on a regular basis to maintain the quality of the liner. This means a continual stream of money into your bed liner to keep up with the revitalizing spray. Durabak liners are installed once, and good to go!

Durabak Has a Smoother Finish

Durabak liners dry smooth and hard for the best protection. Rhino liners are dry, soft and rubbery. Durabak wants you to have the best protection for your truck, why settle for anything less?

Durabak Liners are Made For You

Rhino liners require 'revitalization' which means other people touching your truck. Durabak liners are quick and let you handle your truck with ease as you wish. Make your truck your own with Durabak!

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