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Do It Yourself RV Roof Repair

If you’re like most people you don’t want to be stuck at home all year long. You probably like to travel and change your scenery once in a while. There are two ways to do that, you can either be a spoilt yuppy and go to hotels and motels, or you can bring your beds with you. The best way to do that is to get an RV or a 5th wheel trailer or even a camper.

Holidays are best in an RV, but

The thing is that RVs are actually way more expensive than hotel rooms! The trick is buying something older and fixing it up, and then having the freedom to travel wherever whenever you want.

However, RVs are not built like cars or even trucks. Whilst they often share engines, driveshafts and transmissions with other big selling vehicles, it’s the body panels which can be a weakness.

Over the years, travelling often in hot and dry weather or withstanding some rough campsite storms the parts of your RV can start working themselves apart and then the trouble starts. Ask anyone with an older RV and they’ll tell you that leaks are an unavoidable part of life. Whilst you don’t need to worry about leaks so much in the Arizona Summer, you probably don’t have a big enough garage to keep that thing dry the rest of the year.

Keeping it dry

The secret to a long lasting RV or 5th wheel trailer and hassle free ownership begins with a well sealed and protected vehicle. The difficulty is that you want your RV to look good, colorful and eye-catching. Not just for the attention, but it improves safety when other motorists and even Bears can spot you from a distance. Just caulking all the gaps is miserable and ugly, not to mention that it doesn’t really last properly.

The better alternative is to coat and protect your RV or camper with Durabak's RV roof sealant. Durabak is a military spec. polyurethane coating used by the US Navy on the decks of their ships and aircraft carriers. Durabak comes in a can and can be rolled on just like paint. Unlike paint, Durabak is a super tough and resilient coating which cures to form an impermeable layer that can encapsulate the whole RV. People compare using Durabak to coating your whole RV in a tough layer of rubber.

Durabak has other advantages too, first of all it’s easy to work with, it’s one part so you don’t need to mix in hardeners, and reducers. Durabak is also available in a range of 16 colors and you can mix those colors together to get the look you want. Durabak colors have another advantage over inferior Polyurethane coatings in that they are UV resistant. With Durabak you can be confident that the Sun won’t fade out, dry or crack the material in the coming years and they’ll stay looking fresh and bright.

Durabak on your RV Roof

One of the reason people fall most in love with Durabak is the option for a textured finish. If you like to go up on the roof of your RV and don’t want to slip off, you want to go for Textured Durabak. It’s embellished with crumb rubber granules inside the material, they add a ton of grip and give you sure footing at 14 ft of the ground. Combine that safety with a material that fully seals and secures your camper for many many years and you know that you’re onto a winner.

A con of smooth Durabak 18 will cover 75 square feet in 2 coats and help seal up the roof. Durabak adheres to Fiberglass, Metal, Painted surfaces, Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber and more so you can just roll it on across all the various parts and sections in one go. The Durabak bonds with itself really well too which improves the sealant effectiveness of the coating.

Dan H. from Upton Kentucky has this to say about Durabak – he coated his entire 30 year old motorhome with Durabak in 3 colors and couldn’t be happier.

An older motorhome that does NOT leak! All of these seams are sealed! This thing gets LOTS of attention. It is 30 years old and like most older RVs the enemy is not milage or mechanical, it is water and leaking. These things are basically aluminum siding screwed together, and over time every seam starts to leak. Not mine! Durabak flows into every seam, and has sealed it totally and every RV owner who has seen it had basically the same comment. That is genius!

Dan coated his RV with Brown, Tan and Cream Textured Durabak 18


Although this classic 3 tone design looks great on Dan’s motorhome you can be more creative. Durabak has nice bright colors including bright and brick red, safety yellow, bright and sky blue, Orange, Military Olive and Forest green and more. Just use 3m Blue Painter’s tape to tape off the design and you’re only restricted by your imagination.

So, don’t wait, order some Durabak now and make your RV great again!



Click here to discover the excellent color and texture options Durabak has to offer.

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