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DIY Dump Truck Bed Liner

Do you drive a dump truck? Do you own dump trucks? You know that you need to protect the bed on your dump truck from constant use and abuse. Using Durabak 18 dump truck bed liner you can get the protection you need for a price that makes sense. You’ll love Durabak.

Dump Truck Protection

If there was ever a piece of equipment that needed serious durable protection the bed of a dump truck has to be near the top of that list. You can be shifting rocks, gravel, asphalt or who knows what else. You need that to work in the sun and the rain, snow and hail, dump trucks shouldn’t get days off.

As the rocks and cargo loads scratch away at the manufacturer protection on the dump truck bed, the weather can get in and cause rust. Rust is when the Iron in your truck bed turns to an orange powder, Iron Oxide. Obviously a powder is not as strong as solid metal, so if it rusts too much, your dump truck bed will develop holes. These holes not only make you lose cargo, they also compromise the structural rigidity of the bed.

When dumping large loads the bed gets lifted and there’s only support from the ends, that’s when rust can leave your dump truck aching for help. The real problems start when rust holes let your load spill through and mess with the hydraulics – then you’re in real trouble.

So now that we’ve established the harm of not protecting your dump truck bed, let’s discussing avoiding it. You can go and pay some fancy company a small fortune to put in some fancy liner, but those things are not for real men. If you want a job done, you gotta do it yourself.

Durabak Dump Truck Bed Liner

When you want to get the best, for a price that makes sense, you need Durabak's truck bed liner. Used by the US Navy on their Nuclear Aircraft Carriers, it doesn’t get tougher than Durabak. unlike those liner shells Durabak can easily be applied all by yourself. Durabak is also easy to patch up in small spots, but it’s so tough that you’ll probably never need to.

Durabak is the perfect dump truck bed liner. Not only can you choose from loads of colors, you can build up the Durabak coats as thick as you want. Prep is simple too, you just need to clean the bed, scuff it with 60 grit and wipe down with Xylene or Solvide. You can also use Durabak on the outside of your dump truck bed. If you want an awesome look go ahead and paint the cab with textured Durabak – it makes a great scratch-guard.

Durabak has so many uses, you can use it as an undercoating, it’s totally water and salt-spray resistant, so you can be corrosion free. Or, just go ahead use the leftover Durabak on your wheels, have fun with it. Textured Durabak is also great for the steps into your cab if you want some extra anti-skid. Do don’t worry about buying too much, there’s always something to do with Durabak.

If you have any questions about using Durabak please go ahead and call us on 303-690-7190


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