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Deciding on marine paint for painting your boat

There are so many marine paints, but which one is for me?

If you have an aluminum boat or a fiberglass boat, whether your pontoon is steel or your houseboat is epoxy, you want it to last a long time.

Whilst we are used to the life expectancy of cars, however many tens of hundreds of thousands of miles they travel, we expect boats to go for decades. 

Boats, however, are not simply worn out from the engine, that’s among the easiest thing to replace. Boats are being walked on, thrashed about and exposed to corrosive waters. 

We want our boats to survive, but not just survive, they should look good, be safe and be protected too!

When looking for marine paint we aren’t just looking for a fresh color, no, boat paint is an essential element for the long lasting protection we want for our boat.

So, is the answer to just go for the most expensive product in the market? Surely that guarantees the highest level of protection! No?

OK, so if the most expensive products are only pricey because they are for super-high end luxury yacht ‘mirror’ finishes, then perhaps we need a product with the most layers? Surely the product with the most parts to combine, the hardest to apply, the most complicated and frustrating to work with has to be the best! No?

Hmmm, so those complicated multi-part paints are not offering a very high level of protection either?

So, you may be wondering, “how hard do I really have to work to protect my boat for decades? You may be scared thinking, “how much money do I have to pay to buy a product that will protect my boat?. Well, the good news is that there is a solution.

Durabak came to the realization that boat paint manufacturers were using fear tactics to scare people into investing in ‘specialist’ finishes, making them think that everything was really much much more complicated than it needed to be. 

In reality, most of the same technical capabilities you need from a deck, floor or hull paint are shared. Resilience, looks, waterproofing, corrosion protection, easy application, easy to clean, self leveling etc. are essential everywhere on any boat.

Boats can be made of multiple materials, so whilst many are only aluminum boats or only fiberglass boats some great vessels have a mixture of wood, epoxy, fiberglass and aluminum and one product that can seamlessly combine them all and seal the gaps too!

What you’re looking for isn’t just a paint, it’s a whole additional layer - a combination of sealant, non-slip, paint and protective coating. That’s what Durabak is.

Formulated as a “one size fits all” solution for the US Navy, easy to apply by anyone, even at rough seas, with no paint booth for a thousand nautical miles. Durabak is designed to withstand the abuse that the world’s greatest fighting force subjects their strongest equipment to. 

Durabak is made for safety and security, and if you’ve ever served, you’ll know that “ship shape” means something, and Durabak has to look good, it has to look professionally applied and be easy to clean. So that’s why all boat owners are going so crazy over Durabak.

Making your boat look good whilst adding superfluous levels of protection both to vessel and passengers is a sure fire winning combination every time. You can find the specially created surface prep. Instructions for each different surface area right here.

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