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Cheaper Alternatives to Spray in Polyurea Coating

As the COVID-19 virus starts to wreak havoc on the economy, shutting down vast swathes of the economy, it is essential to reconfigure. The job of a responsible business owner is to rethink company strategies, looking for ways to survive this international natural disaster.

If you plan to shut down production entirely because of the Coronavirus, you may be over reacting and committing financial suicide. Like the great, if not real, boxer famously said - it’s about how hard you can BE hit and keep getting up.

One of the things you should be looking into is cheaper alternatives to your current suppliers, without sacrificing anything on quality. 

As China is being wiped off the global supply chain map, it brings a stunning opportunity for local manufacturers to take advantage of an America First revolution. There’s now a chance for local US businesses to compete with the world in a way unknown for decades. The problem is that the economy is taking a huge hit, and without buying power it doesn’t matter how weak the competition is…

As demand begins to wane, one of the effective measures small business owners can take is to bring more of the production line “in-house”. By minimizing the outsourcing of labor you are saving money whilst keeping the team busy with work even as orders slow down. 

You might have been sending out to get parts line-x’d or rhino-line’d but perhaps in this economy that isn’t the right thing to do. Instead, perhaps consider an in-house solution that requires none of the specialist equipment, costs a fraction of the price and is equally as impressive.

Of course, we are talking about the Military Spec Durabak coating that can replace any and all Poly-urea applications. 

Some might think of the move from poly-urea to Durabak as a drop in quality, but that’s far from true. Many shops started experimenting with Durabak as a way to save money or time, and then realized that the quality, flexibility and finish made it the finish of choice from then on. Whilst speeding up production by moving the ‘protective coating application’ in-house, instead of ‘shipping it out’ you are also in far more control over your finished product, and your product finish.

Durabak has proven itself with the US Navy for 30 years with applications in some of the most hostile environments known to Man. Durabak’s unrivalled durability and ease of application come as a surprise to many, who think both qualities are mutually exclusive. In the end, Durabak thrives due to a strict prep regiment which ensures an unmatched bond.

Whilst polyurea coatings can be thick and heavy, they simply stick to the surface and are held in place simply due to their own rigidity, shape and stickiness. Whilst this offers a high level of impact protection, it minimizes flexibility and adds a lot of weight to the build. Intense impact may allow the poly-urea to bounce back, but sometimes the underlying structure can be irreparably damaged.

Durabak on the other hand bonds with the substrate, giving it a layer of reflexive rubberised flexibility. Through the scoring achieved by the scuffing process during Prep Durabak will seep into the scratches in almost any material, from wood to steel to aluminum, fiberglass, glass, plastic, rubber paint etc. embellishing the material with real flexibility. Applying Durabak to a product is akin to the lycra that makes your underwear more comfortable and less likely to tear!

People make the mistake of confusing thickness with strength in all cases. Whilst of course thickness effects overall strength, when comparing the thickness of a coating with the thickness of a core substrate that is reinforced with a flexible polyurethane membrane that adds waterproofing, corrosion resistance, flexibility and abrasion resilience is makes no sense to compare the thickness of the coating alone.

We recommend experimenting with Durabak for your commercial products to see if you are as impressed with the results as thousands of commercial customers. We also know that your own customers will jump at the chance to have a military spec formula used in the product they are spending their precious money on, especially in today’s economy.

If you are considering experimenting with Durabak in your production line give Durabak a call to discuss exactly what prep, application and coverage you need to know about to help get you started with Durabak right away. Give us a call on 303-690-7190 with any questions you might have, our experts will be delighted to help.

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