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Best Wireless Backup Cameras for Trucks

If your truck doesn’t already have a backup camera installed, then you are putting yourself at risk. There are plenty of high-quality options out there to get up to speed. With all the choices, it’s hard to decide which ones are the best wireless backup cameras for trucks. That’s why we did a full review and found the best wireless backup cameras for trucks. Make sure you know who and when your truck paint was scuffed with "always-on" cameras as well.  

Why Do You Need the Best Wireless Backup Cameras?

When you are on a job site or even just driving through town, you want to be as cautious as possible. Trucks take up more room than a passenger vehicle which is why drivers need to be especially alert. The nice thing about a wireless option is that you can use them in any vehicle. Without further ado, here are our top picks for some of the best wireless backup cameras.

Pearl RearVision Wireless Rear-view Camera and Alert System

When you want to see things behind you, you’ll want to consider this wireless system from Pearl. What’s different about this system other than most other varieties is that it works with your smartphone. There’s no need to mount another display in your truck. Best Wireless Backup Cameras for Trucks There are two cameras to setup, and installation is easy. These two cameras are powered by the solar camera frame which is weatherproof. If you don’t already have a mount for your smartphone, there’s also a magnetic mount provided in the kit. It can be used by attaching it to the vent or dash. Finally, this system has night vision and a three-year warranty. Not every backup camera on the market can claim that. It’s also the 2017 Winner of the SEMA New Products Award.

Garmin BC 30

If you already own a Garmin GPS or you plan to get one, this Garmin wireless backup camera might be a nice add-on. There’s no screen attached to the system, which is what helps keep the price down. With that in mind, if you don’t already own a Garmin, this might not be the best solution for you. Garmin Backup Camera - wireless The included wireless receiver takes signals from various cameras to offer up to four multiple views. The viewing angles are up to 140-degree horizontal and 115-degree vertical. All of the mounting hardware is included plus there’s a power cable. This Garmin BC 30 even provides you with the parking assist guidelines which help you gauge distances while backing up. On top of that, it comes complete with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Boyo VTC702R

If you don’t like buying a unit that doesn’t feature a monitor, then this Boyo is a better option for you. Other systems don’t always have a big enough screen to match our mighty trucks. This wireless system has a seven-inch wide view without any wires to contend with. Wireless backup camera from Boyo It’s the perfect solution for large and heavy-duty vehicles. The setup comes with rugged universal bracket mounts for both your monitor and your camera. To protect the camera, it comes with a waterproof housing. There’s even a remote that controls the monitor. Another perk is that this wireless transmission does work up to 300 feet away, so your picture will be crisp and clear. Unlike our top choice, this system only comes with a one-year warranty, but the customers seem pleased with the unit.

Which One is Right for You?

Now that we’ve shown you our top three, it’s important to note that there are plenty of others out there. If these don’t fit your needs, make sure you search around to find the best wireless backup cameras for your truck. What’s most important is that you set up something. It could be the difference between you avoiding an accident or running into something that damages your valuable investment. If you want some other accessories, check out our Best Truck Bed Divider Buying Guide.

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