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Best Jeep Winch for the Money

If you’ve ever been stuck in a hole, you know how invaluable a winch can be. Not just that, but they are also useful when dealing with vehicle damage or a bent suspension. Finding the best Jeep winch for the money can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what to look for.

Best Jeep Winch Buying Guide

Start by considering the weight of your Jeep. To accurately calculate your specific weight requirements, simply multiply the gross weight of your vehicle by 1.5. That is the minimum winch pull strength. Keep in mind that this minimum will not pull you up steep inclines and it usually isn’t enough to move large obstacles. Should you purchase a heavy-duty, high line pull rating winch for your Jeep instead? Not necessarily! It’s important that you double check the requirements for your battery first. You should also check the mountings and structure where the winch will fit. That's because there are some designs that might not work well with your vehicle. For the best results, choose a winch that’s pull line rating is greater than 1.5 times the gross weight of your Jeep. If you have a heavy Jeep, your budget might come into play. At the bare minimum, use the ratio stated which will still provide basic and safe winching.

Best Jeep Winch Reviews

Let’s take a quick look at the three top choices for the best Jeep winch. Best Jeep Winch 1

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch - 9500 lb. Load Capacity – Budget Friendly Model

This Smittybilt features a 9500-pound load capacity and offers a 6.6 horsepower motor with a 3-stage Planetary Gear System. It is bumper mounted and can easily winch 4500 pounds without an issue. Not only is it waterproof, but it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a five-year guarantee on the electrical system. The Smittybilt carries an IP67 rating plus a 500-amp solenoid. It is capable of outperforming some of the more expensive brands on the market with its top-notch performance and power. Best Jeep Winch 2

WARN 86255 VR10000 10,000 lb Winch – Mid-Range Model

If you are looking for a mid-range winch, the Warn is a top choice for Jeeps and other 4x4s. With 10,000 pounds of line pull strength, you’ll have enough even with heavier vehicles. Even with heavier pull rates, your motor feels very little strain. This unit also features a waterproof wired control but you have the option of purchasing a wireless remote. You’ll also receive a separate control pack to accommodate various mounting options. As with the last winch we reviewed, you are still covered by a limited lifetime warranty so you can have peace of mind against mechanical defects. Best Jeep Winch 3

Warn 89120 ZEON 12 Winch with Wire Rope - 12000 lb. Capacity – Top of the Line Model

If you want the very best Jeep winch and don’t mind paying for it, opt for this upgraded Warn winch. With a pull rating of 12,000 pounds, this heavy-duty winch offers superior pulling power and lightning fast pull speeds. Not only is it functional but it is aesthetically pleasing as well. The powder-brushed veneer gives it a crisp look that appears sharp on your Jeep. The biggest difference between this winch and the previous Warn is that this comes with a 3/8-inch galvanized steel wire rope. That means you achieve the maximum pull strength possible and will be able to achieve more. Considering the cost difference between the two, it's almost a no-brainer to upgrade if possible. If you have a heavy duty vehicle and plan to use your winch often, this winch is the way to go.

Which Winch is Right for You?

With these three great options available to you, there is no reason not to invest in a high-quality winch for your Jeep vehicle. If ever you are stuck on a dirt road, you’ll feel secure knowing you picked the best Jeep winch on the market. If you are looking for any other accessories for your vehicle, it might be time to check out the wide range of uses for Durabak, and don't forget that new coat of Durabak's truck paint to give your vehicle a fresh, new look.

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