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8 Great Truck Accessories for Maximizing Your Bed's Storage Space

You’ve got a job to do!  That’s just one of the many reasons you own a truck; so you can haul cargo.  The more you can haul at once, the more effective you are.  That’s why you need to maximize your storage space.  There’s some great truck accessories ideal for making the most out of the space you’ve got.  Check out our list of the top 8 truck accessories you need to maximize your bed’s storage space.

Tool Box

If you need more space in your truck, the number one purchase you need to make is for a truck tool box.  It can easily store all your tools and can be locked so you don’t have to worry about theft.  Choose the size and drawer configuration that works for your needs. 

There is a great low profile box available at Northern Tool  or if you are a Craftsman fan, Sears also sells a full-size box with great storage space.

Truck Bed Covers (Tonneau Covers)

If you are interested in the security of a tonneau cover, you can choose a folding option that also comes equipped with a locking system to secure your cargo.  There are folding covers on the market to allow for the extra room in the bed when you have an oversized object.  There are also covers that can be equipped with their own rack systems.  This would make it easy to carry objects such as ladders or kayaks.  When you are ready to browse a selection of tonneau covers, there is a site that focuses on every option available.

Truck Drawers

A great option to put under your tonneau cover is a set of truck drawers.  Available in many varieties and types, these drawers will keep everything you need organized.  You can choose to go with a company that offers custom drawers. One of the most popular options you can buy are the steel drawers which will sit in the bed of the truck, like this option from Northern Tool. The drawers easily pull out so you have access to everything you need, but the thieves don’t.

Truck Bed Divider

What do you do in those moments when you are hauling the dirty work tools with your family’s luggage for vacation?  A simple truck bed divider is going to fix this problem and keep the cargo separate from one another.  They will also keep cargo from sliding around such as if you are hauling drums of liquid.  A great option to investigate further is the Roll n Lock Cargo Manager

Overhead Truck Rack

Many jobs require the use of larger tools and equipment such as ladders, but they can often be difficult to store in the truck bed.  That’s where an overhead truck rack comes in!  They attach easily to the bed of the truck and have slots built in to hold larger objects securely.   Check out this company that makes all their truck racks in America. 

Bed Storage Pockets

Want to maximize your space behind the wheel well to the tailgate?  The simple solution is to install bed storage pockets.  They are generally made of hard plastic, although you can find metal options.  This is a great area to store things like your extension cords, windshield washer fluid, or anything you need to be able to grab quickly.  You could grab low-cost storage pockets at Access Cover

Truck Bed Extender

A truck bed extender is going to allow the flexibility to haul oversize equipment.  You can choose to extend the load to the end of the tailgate or choose models that support cargo behind the truck.  These are great for carrying ladders, drywall, and even small boats.  You can find some of these at auto parts stores like O’Reilly


You may not immediately think of a bedliner as a way to maximize space, but it is.  The cargo will not shift during transit meaning you can load the truck bed full of your gear and never have to worry about shifting and sliding.  Truck bedliners are essential in taking care of your truck’s bed, just like we told you about in this article .

When you are ready to purchase your bedliner, you need to contact the trained professionals at the Durabak Company.  We’ve been a leader in the market since 1992 and are available to answer any question you might have. 

In Closing…

The options available to maximize space in your truck bed are limitless.  You can incorporate any combination of ideas and gadgets to make your truck just what you need it to be.  Pick your favorite truck accessories and just see how much more space you achieve. 

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