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50 Things to Do with Leftover Bedliner

After you’ve finished using Durabak on your truck bed, you might wonder what to do with the rest of it. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips to keep you busy for a while. Check out our top 50 things to do with leftover bedliner. Some of the purposes might just shock you.

leftover bedliner1. Undercoating on an ATV

Protect the underside of your ATV from impact and abrasion. You’ll keep the ATV in good condition with a minimal amount of work.

2. Undercoating on a Camper

While you are at it, protect the underside of your camper as well. After all, it spends a lot of time in the great outdoors.

3. Soles of Your Shoes

If you want to add non-skid properties everywhere you walk, why not try some textured bedliner on your shoes. Not only will it keep you from slipping, but the shoes might never wear out.

4. Interior of Vehicles

Think about all the moisture, grime and dirt that makes its way into your vehicle. With spray-on bedliner, you have a low-maintenance option to keep the interior looking new.

5. Doors

If your fiberglass or metal doors are susceptible to damage, give them a coating with bedliner. It will take the abuse of the elements and should also take the force of being kicked too.

off road vehicle6. Off-road Vehicle Floors

Remove the interior trim and carpeting so you can replace it with bedliner. This seals the floor and keeps it from getting damaged after it fills up with dirt, mud or water.

7. Cellphone Cover

Because you don’t want any scratches on your cover, do you?

8. Trailer floor

Not only will bedliner improve the acoustic absorption in a trailer, but it also adds non-skid properties that keep you or your livestock safer.

9. Motorcycle Personalization

Perform a custom paint job on your motorcycle. You are sure to turn heads with the unique design you plan out.

farm tractor10. Farm Tractor

You know all the abuse a farm tractor takes. Keep it like new when you give it a coating of bedliner.

11. UTV Bed

If you use your UTV to haul things around in, then it needs protection. Add some bedliner so all that water, dirt and grime can’t ruin your fun.

12. Tools

Offer your tools a little extra protection with a coating of bedliner. Not only will it keep them safe from damage, but it offers a little extra grip to the handles.

13. 4-Wheeler Racks

Scratchproof your racks for off-roading or carrying light loads as well. Don’t forget to add some bedliner to your brush guard too.

14. Storm Chasing Vehicle

If you are hunting down tornados, you need all the protection you can get. If leftover bedliner can bombproof your home, imagine what it can do for you while facing hurling objects from a storm.

15. Dog House

Hey, Fido deserves the best too! Protect his dog house with the weatherproof protection of bedliner. Then, he won’t have to worry about a leaky roof while he’s dreaming of digging up that bone.

flatbed16. Flatbed

Bedliner isn’t just good for pickup trucks. Don’t neglect your flatbed, which needs just as much protection.

17. Tabletop

Give your table a new look that your neighbor doesn’t have. You won’t ever have to worry about scratches and nicks again.

18. Skateboard

If you want your skateboard to remain in good shape, you have two options. 1. Don’t ride it or 2. Protect it with leftover bedliner. We think #2 is a better choice.

19. Fender Wells

Protect against all the stones and road debris when you apply some leftover bedliner on your fender wells.

20. Door Panels

When the door panels in your truck or SUV start to look faded, give them an update and offer UV protection as well.

Cargo Van Floor21. Cargo Van Floor

This serves as a dual purpose. You will protect the floor from all the dirt that gets tracked in and also add some non-skid properties to keep the cargo from moving around.

22. Wheel Rims

Not only can you give your rims some protection, but you can create a unique look that helps you to look badass on the streets.

23. Pipes

Prevent corrosion on pipes with a quick coating of leftover bedliner.

24. Feed Containers

Working on a farm is a dirty business. Protect the feed containers, silos and other structures from damage with a simple coating of bedliner.

wave runner25. Personal Watercraft

We’ve touched on all the ways bedliner helps protect your watercraft. From protecting the houseboat roof to taking out the carpet, you have a lot of options available to you.

26. Boat Trailers

While you are taking care of your boating equipment, don’t forget to protect the boat trailer, fenders and steps as well.

27. Garage Floor

Your garage floor is subject to a lot of abuse. Your drive your dirty tires across it, spill fluids all over it and rarely think about its condition. Give it a coat of protection with some leftover bedliner.

28. Benches

Protect your outdoor benches from the weather with durable bedliner. Not only will it prevent fading, but the bedliner also makes the surface easy to clean.

29. Swing Sets

It doesn’t matter what material your playground is made from, painting it will give it the extra protection that you require.

deck30. Decks & Patios

Spruce up your outdoor space with some bedliner. You can customize it to add non-slip properties as well as a variety of colors.

31. Wheelchair Ramps

Using a textured bedliner on a wheelchair ramp makes it safer than ever before.

32. Foundation Waterproofing

If you want to keep your foundation from cracking and breaking, you need to keep the water out with a high-quality bedliner.

33. Wrought-Iron Furniture

Instead of watching your beautiful furniture corrode and rust, clean it up and apply some bedliner protection instead.

34. Spear Fishing Gloves

Give your gloves some non-slip palm and finger coating protection to gain the advantage you never had before.

sandbox35. Sandbox

When you build that next sandbox, why not offer a unique color and some durable protection by using leftover bedliner?

36. Birdhouse

Protect Tweety’s home from UV rays and the paws of other critters when you apply a minimal amount of bedliner.

37. Birdbath

While we are on the subject of birds, don’t forget to coat the birdbath too. Bedliner keeps it from cracking and keeps it in like-new condition.

38. Bicycle & Scooters

Your kid’s play equipment sure takes a beating. Protect the investment with some quality bedliner.

39. Staircases

Whether inside or outside, all staircases (and handrails) benefit from the slip-resistant properties of a durable bedliner.

tire swing40. Tires

Turn that old truck tire into a swing for the kids with a little bedliner and creativity.

41. Truck Undercarriage

Once you are done protecting the truck bed, why not get underneath the truck and do a little work? After all, this area is subject to corrosion and damage as well.

42. Loading Docks

Anywhere that you are loading goods, whether it be at the marina or commercial location, people are prone to slipping. A textured bedliner helps to keep everyone on their feet.

43. Touch Up

Don’t forget to keep some leftover bedliner for any touch-up work you want to do in the future.

44. Bike Rack

The rack on the back of your car withstands a lot of abuse from the wind and weather. Coat it with some leftover bedliner to extend the life.

pool deck45. Pool Deck and Diving Boards

Use a textured bedliner around your pool to prevent slippage and injury.

46. Freight Elevators

Secure your goods as it travels between floors with a non-skid surface created from textured bedliner.

47. Gazebos

Keep your gazebo looking like it’s new when you shield it from the sun and weather.

48. Sheds

No matter the material, leftover bedliner will extend the life of your shed.

49. Car Stereo Equipment

Consider using leftover bedliner for your subwoofer box. It helps to dampen the vibration and offers a superior sound.

roof50. Roofing

While you might need more than just the leftover, you can create a durable, long-lasting roof out of bedliner. Think about it!

What Will You Do With Your Leftover Bedliner?

Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear about it. Smart consumers always keep Durabak around because you just never know when you could use it. Give us a call at 303-690-7190 to discuss your next project.

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