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5 Do It Yourself Truck Projects That Will Make Your Truck More Valuable

Do it yourself truck projects present a great way to easily make your truck worth more. If you're thinking of  selling or trading in your truck, you're going to want to make it the most valuable that it can be. If you think that you're going to have to have a hard time and going to spend a lot of money trying to amp up your car, you’re mistaken. There are plenty of DIY Truck Projects that can make your truck more valuable. Here are the top five do it yourself truck projects that will make your truck more valuable:

Do It Yourself Truck Project #1: Use A Durabak Bedliner

Hauling around pounds of lumber, steel and heavy duty equipment can take its toll on a truck bed, causing a significant amount of damage. Taking care of your truck's bed is essential if you want to keep the value of your vehicle up while making sure you can get the job done. A bed liner is the best way to ensure that your truck stays in great shape for years to come. Use Durabak's spray on bedliner for easy application with fantastic results.    

Do It Yourself Truck Project #2: Wax Your Truck

If the paint on your truck is starting to fade, you don't have to spend all of your money getting a new paint job. Instead, use some wax and polish to add value to your truck. You can buy these products almost anywhere and easily apply them to your car to have a shiny, new-looking truck. A new wax job is sure to bring up the value of your truck.

Do It Yourself Truck Project #3: Clean Your Headlights

If your headlights have lost their shine and look old your truck will start to show its age. There are plenty of headlight cleaning products in the market that can make your truck’s plastic headlight covers look good as new in a matter of minutes. A headlight cleaning job is an easy do it yourself truck project can boost the value of your vehicle in minutes.

Do It Yourself Truck Project #4: Clean or Update Your Wheels

Old and rusty or dirty wheels make your truck look cheap and low-end. On the other hand, clean wheels can make your vehicle look new and can add to your truck's luster and potential value. If you take your time to wash your wheels it can really be worth it. Coat your wheels in Durabak to give them a fresh new look

Do It Yourself Truck Project #5: Detail The Inside

All of the mats in your truck should be removable. So take them out and clean them. Once the mats are clean you should clean the rest of the interior of your truck. Once you've done this easy do it yourself project, your truck will be spotless inside and out which means more valuable!


All of the DIY truck projects above are easy ways to get your truck in top shape and looking great.

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