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10 Reasons Why Roll On Bed Liner Is The Best Protection For Your Truck

This article reveals ten reasons why roll on bed liner is the best protection for your pick up truck. Not sure how to best protect your truck? Durabak roll on bed liner is a great place to start! With Durabak you can keep the bed liner of your truck protected and looking great for many years to come.


1. A Durabak Roll On Bed Liner Protects Your Cargo

Aside from the driving capacity, one of the main reasons you bought your truck was because of the incredible storage space in the back. Don't risk having your truck damaged: Protect your investment with Durabak roll on bed liner. Bed liners absorb the shocks and protect your cargo so you can focus on driving your truck without having to worry. Whether you have groceries, work supplies, furniture, or transporting anything else in your truck's storage space Durabak has your cargo protected.

2. Keep Your Truck Protected For Years to Come

An uncovered truck bed is more susceptible to develop rust, collect dents, and scratches due to belongings in the back shifting as you drive. A quality bed liner will protect the back of your truck.  This significantly eliminates rust, scratches, or dents that would have otherwise occurred. Durabak keeps your truck looking new, unblemished and awesome for years to come!

3. Customize The Look of Your Truck With a Colored Bed Liner

Looking for a way to take the look of your truck to the next level?
Durabak comes in sixteen different colors and feature either a smooth or textured finish.
With a custom bed liner so you have plenty of options for customizing your truck so you can make it as unique as you are.

4. A Bed Liner Makes an Old Truck Look Like New

Bed liners can cover up any dents or scratches already in your truck bed and prevent further problems from occurring. Bed liners cover your truck bed, giving it a totally new look, even if your truck is several years old. Have a dent in your truck bed? Durabak is a great looking way to cover up that and prevents scratches from happening in the future.

5. Bed Liners Make Cleaning Your Truck Easy

You know how dirty your truck can get and how hard cleaning your truck can be. Getting rid of dirt, leaves, garbage and anything else that gets in your truck from hauling around cargo all day can be a hassle. Durabak makes cleaning your truck a much easier and more efficient process, ensuring that your vehicle will always look its best. Since Durabak is so durable you can use a pressure washer and abrasive brushes with confidence knowing that Durabak can handle a heavy duty clean.

6. Durabak Bed Liners Give Your Bed Liner The Texture You Want

A bed liner will help you complete the look and feel of your truck. Durabak offers rough and smooth finish bed liners in sixteen colors so you can make your truck your own. A rougher texture is tougher so we recommend using textured Durabak for all bed liner applications. If you want a smoother finish look an additional coat in the truck bed, over the textured, is recommended.

7. Save Money And Add Value To Your Truck

Getting dents and scratches fixed in your truck can cost hundreds of dollars! A bed liner prevents dents and scratches from occurring in the first place.  This can potentially save you plenty of money, while adding value to your vehicle.

8. Enjoy Water-Proof Protection

Doubtful your truck will make it through rain without rusting later on? Durabak eliminates that doubt. With a bed liner installed in your truck bed, you can drive care-free in the rain - as you should - without worrying that your truck will rust or be ruined by the rain.

9. A Durabak Roll on Bed Liner is Easy to Install

Your truck has a scratch you want to be fixed and the only way to get it fixed is to have it in the shop for three days? A Durabak roll on bed liner can be installed in a matter of hours so your truck is ready to hit the road the next day!

10. Roll On Bed Liner Minimizes Risk

Durabak is great for paint, roll on, or spray however with spray there is the risk of over spray getting onto places you never intended for it to be. That's one of the reasons why roll on is great: It gives you a fantastic finish without the risk of over spray getting everywhere. Plus with spray on Durabak more chemicals will be in the air so your working environment will need to be much better ventilated, and should wear a respirator. Ease of application, safety, durability and more are just some of the reasons why Durabak is the roll on bed liner you've been looking for!


Go on and drive your truck without worrying about scratches, dents, dirt, or your cargo. Whatever the weather: Durabak roll on bed liner paint has you covered!

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