Bed Liner Color Paint

Durabak Paint Colors

UV & Non-UV products look the same. But make sure to purchase the UV version for outdoor use, so as not to compromise Durabak’s overall performance.

Each gallon of Textured Durabak includes 2 FREE special 4” stipple roller covers. Apply smooth Durabak with a short nap roller – 3/16” mohair, not included. Colors will look different depending on your computer.



1 Gallon Textured Durabak™ will cover roughly 60 sq ft with a double coat.

1 Gallon Smooth Durabak™ will cover approximately 75-80 sq ft with a double coat.



Click on a swatch to zoom. CLICK HERE to order an actual Durabak™ color sample chip!

Textured Colors

Smooth Colors
Smooth Durabak™ with ultra violet protection reduces the effects of sun exposure.