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Frequently Asked Questions About Durabak Non-Slip Coatings for Truck Bedliners, Marine and Boat Applications

How much does Durabak cost?
Prices start at $89.95 per gallon

What size containers does it come in?
One Gallon.

What is the square foot coverage?
One gallon covers approximately 50 to 60 square feet with two coats.

How do I measure square footage?
Square footage is measured by multiplying the length of the project by the width of the project. For example: 10' (length) x 6' (width) = 60 sq ft.

How much product should I purchase?
One gallon for a 6' pickup bed and two gallons for a long bed. One gallon covers approximately 50 to 60 sq ft with the standard two-coat application.

Can the product be resealed?
Once a can of Durabak™ is opened you should use the entire contents since the product begins to cure with exposure to air. Durabak™ should not be resealed for future use.

Are two coats necessary?
Yes, two coats are the minimum.

What is the thickness of two coats?
Approximately 1/16th of an inch.

Can more than two coats be applied?
Yes, as long as they are applied in thin layers.

What surfaces can Durabak be applied?
Durabak™ can be applied to concrete, metals, wood, fiberglass, rubber, tiles, plastic and more.

What surface preparation is required?
All surfaces must be clean, dry and rough. For specific surface preparation Consult your product manual or a Durabak™ representative.

Does it require primer?
In most cases no. Primer may be necessary for some metal applications. Consult your product manual or a Durabak™ representative.

What is used to clean up or thin Durabak™ ?
Xylene, which can be obtained at coating stores (e.g. Sherwin-Williams) or hardware stores.

Can Durabak™ be sprayed?
Yes, with most conventional spray equipment but it requires a large tip (1/4") and should be thinned with Xylene approximately 10%.

How do I get additional information?
You can e-mail us for a free brochure (be sure to specify color sample chip you would like to see), or you can call us at (303) 690-7190.

How do I order and pay for the order?
You can purchase products directly from our secured shopping cart using MasterCard, VISA or Discover. Or give us a call at (303) 690-7190. Businesses that intend to set up an account can fax credit information to (303) 690-9662.

What is delivery time?
Usually 5-7 days. Delivery charges are extra.

What do others say about Durabak™ concrete floor coating and industrial coating?

"It's durability, adhesion and non-skid characteristics are particularly noteworthy... It is indeed a worthy competitor in the coatings industry."
-Brown & Root, Inc.


"has performed most satisfactorily in extreme cold conditions."
-Dept. of Environmental Affairs, Antarctica


"Durabak™ is a safer...more comfortable... can be repaired...cheaper due to it's long life."
-Viking Fishing Co., South Africa


"cut accidents to almost nil...easy to apply...Performs as advertised."
-Army National Guard-Ft. Stewart, Georgia


"your product can be used on our ships for non-skid service"
-Department of the Navy
"your Durabak™ product has proved a valuable commodity...simple to use"
-Department of the Air Force


"even though tractor tires with chains spun on it, Durabak™ remained unharmed"
-Douglas County Schools, CO


"has displayed the durability and traction we could not achieve with other products"
-University of Colorado (Football Stadium)


"full sun, snow and deterioration"
-Sierra Pacific Power Co., NV


"This is a superior product."
-County of Sacramento, CA


"since the application we have not received any reports of accidents on loading docks"
-Air Products, PA