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DETECTABLE WARNING MAT is a unique system designed for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement for a tactile warning system for the blind and visually impaired.

DETECTABLE WARNING MAT is a permanent mat that is applied directly to clean dry surfaces with a special long-lasting adhesive. The application is achieved without the need of specialized labor or machinery. It is very user-friendly and comparatively inexpensive.

DETECTABLE WARNING MAT is a single piece, 2'x2' domed mat, molded in resilient rubber. The mats come pre-coated with 3 coats of Durabak, our unique slip-resistant, flexible polyurethane safety coating. The bottom of the mat contains a patent-pending adhesive locking system. The mat easily conforms to any shape simply by cutting it with scissors. The mat with Durabak coats is approximately 1/8" thick. The truncated domes are positioned to ADA specifications on the mat and are encapsulated by the Durabak coating.


Durabak Detectable Warning Mats; Become ADA Compliant in minutes!Durabak Detectable Warning Mats; Become ADA Compliant in minutes!
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DETECTABLE WARNING MAT enjoys all of the unique characteristics of its major component, Durabak: It is extremely durable, flexible, water resistant, anti-corrosive, chemical resistant and slip resistant, even when wet. The mats are available in the 15 Durabak colors (see color chart).

DETECTABLE WARNING MAT fits best on flat surfaces but can also be applied to surfaces with slight irregularities. The mat facilitates a virtually faultless application.

DETECTABLE WARNING MAT is flexible and resilient as specified by ADA. It cleans easily with household detergents or degreasers.

DETECTABLE WARNING MAT costs less than other because it is not labor intensive. Just clean the area per our instructions and glue on the mats (special glue included). It eliminates the need for re-working the concrete!



  • Clean back side of mat(s) with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Lay mat(s) on a flat surface away from the installation site, (If necessary, bend them to make them lie flat).
  • Clean the surface using a pressure wash of at least 2500 psi. If there is gum or other contaminants on the surface, clean with a clean wire brush. Alternatively, new concrete will require only a citric cleaner application. Agitate with a deck brush, rinse off thorou
  • Place mat(s) onto the application surface.
  • Mask off the area around the mat(s) with a good quality duct tape (the duct tape bonds better to the concrete than regular masking tape).
  • Remove the mat(s) from the working areas remembering the exact position they were in.
  • Place the adhesive in the caulk gun, cut off 1/4" to 1/2" of the plastic tip, and pierce the inner seal of the caulk tube.
  • Squeeze out a large bead of adhesive on one half of the surface.
  • Using a serrated trowel, spread the adhesive to cover the entire masked off surface (paying particular attention to making sure the perimeter of the area is covered right up to the duct taped edges). 1-1/4 tube covers 4 square feet.
  • Carefully place the mat(s) back in their original position on the surface making sure that they are not overlapping the duct tape.
  • Lay a small, flat board (1 square foot or smaller) on the top of the domes and press down firmly. Move the board around making sure that all areas of each mat have been pressed down. Use the end of the board or another board to press down all areas in between the domes. Work from the center out and pay particular attention to pressing down all areas around the outside perimeter.
  • Remove any excess adhesive with a rag wet with xylene. If need be, DURABAK® can be used for touch up later with a small brush.
  • Let adhesive dry for at least 6 hours before allowing foot traffic.


Durabak Detectable Warning Mats; Become ADA Compliant in minutes!

Durabak Detectable Warning Mats; Become ADA Compliant in minutes! Durabak Detectable Warning Mats; Become ADA Compliant in minutes!

Durabak Detectable Warning Mats; Become ADA Compliant in minutes! Durabak Detectable Warning Mats; Become ADA Compliant in minutes!