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Truck Bed Liner

Don't be fooled by imitation Durabak re-sellers.
Durabak Company has been serving off-road and boating enthusiasts for over 20 years. You've seen our ads featured in dozens of magazines. Buy it FACTORY DIRECT.

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One product does it all!
Tough, light weight, hi-tech
polyurethane bed liner and coating.
protects inside, outside and underneath.

Do it yourself and save!
Easy to apply:
Brush, roll-on or spray.
Use it everywhere.

Durabak truck bed liner can be used inside, outside & underneath!


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Brush, roll or spray on this "do it yourself" truck bed liner coating.  Use it everywhere! It protects inside, outside and underneath -- against rocks, rust, scrapes, dings and loads of cargo that your truck or 4-wheel vehicle will endure.

Durabak™ truck bed liner is water resistant, flexible, sound dampening, chemical and UV resistant. Resistant to flaking and peeling, it's special texture also offers excellent anti-slip protection and Durabak™ can be built up to any thickness!

  • Wide color selection, textured and smooth.
  • Nothing else to mix in – no room for error.
  • Special user friendly formula can be applied by just about anyone!
  • Apply Durabak,™ then drive your protected vehicle the next day.
  • Easy to maintain with soap and water.

Our "do it yourself" truck bed liner is easy to use! Just open the can and apply. Nothing else to mix in. This special user friendly formula can be applied by just about anyone! Durabak™ also comes in a variety of colors such as: black, grey, green, red, blue, white, yellow and more. You can apply Durabak™ then drive your protected vehicle the next day. And it's easy to maintain with soap and water.

Plastic liners can get scratched and can result in rusted out vehicles due to trapped water beneath the bed liner... Durabak truck bed liner eliminates those problems because our truck bed liner coats the bed of your truck, creating a durable lining between your truck bed and things that come into contact with it.

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Durabak™ gives you excellent polyurethane protection, choice of colors, and at considerable $avings.

Protect your vehicle and preserve its value with Durabak™. Do-it-yourself and save... Durabak™ it!